Psycho-Pass Providence
Psycho-Pass Providence

Psycho-Pass Providence – Release Date, Story In 2022

Psycho-Pass Providence: Anime has the potential to grab an audience for several reasons, including its captivating storylines, interesting characters, and stunning visuals. Anime fans have been left wanting more of Psycho-Pass because of its many endearing qualities. As part of the anime’s tenth-anniversary project, a new movie named Psycho-Pass: Providence was announced in a teaser released on its official website on August 14, 2022.

No new information on Psycho-release Pass’s date has been revealed on the game’s official website or Twitter as of this writing. The anniversary project for the series was teased in a trailer released in August, with production set to begin in October. But we anticipate the movie’s release very soon. Listed here are all of the facts that have been uncovered about Psycho-Pass: Providence.

When Is Psycho-Pass: Providence

There is no word on when Psycho-Pass Providence might be made available on any of the official sites. In October 2022, we were scheduled to have further details on the project. However, during the month, no information about a probable release date or year was revealed.

We won’t know when Psycho-Pass: Providence will be released, but we anticipate it will be in 2023.

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Psycho-Pass Providence Plot

In Psycho-Pass, we follow Akane Tsunemori as she begins her career as an Inspector in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau. During her first mission, she is in charge of supervising Enforcer Shinya Kogami. She uses her Dominator to stop him from decomposing an arrested criminal if she thinks he poses a threat to the criminal’s life. Tsunemori’s decision to remain on the force is influenced by Kogami, who initially expresses shame at her behavior but then expresses gratitude because she prevented what could have been interpreted as murder.

The misdeeds of the notorious criminal mastermind Shogo Makishima are uncovered by the squad. Makishima is sheltered from Dominator harm because he is Criminally Asymptomatic (, Menzai Taishitsu), a person consistently evaluated by the Sibyl System as having a low crime coefficient despite all behaviors and attitudes. Tsunemori is accompanied by the veteran Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza, a strict man who looks down on Enforcers; Tomomi Masaoka, a middle-aged Enforcer who used to be a detective; Shusei Kagari, a young man who was marked as a latent criminal in childhood; and Yayoi Kunizuka, a former musician who became a latent criminal after developing romantic feelings for a terrorist.

The team begins hunting for Makishima, but after Kogami loses a buddy at the hands of the villain, he becomes the one most invested in the mission. Meanwhile, Sibyl’s artificial guise, Joshu Kasei, extends an invitation to Makishima to join their ranks. Because of this, he runs away and refuses to comply.

Psycho-Pass: Providence
Psycho-Pass: Providence

Kogami, upon realizing this, abandons Unit One in his pursuit of killing him. Tsunemori is ordered by the Sibyl System to apprehend Makishima and execute Kogami, but she will only comply if the execution order against Kogami is rescinded. Following Kogami’s discovery that Makishima intends to produce biological terrorism, Unit One has begun searching for both men. Makishima tries to use explosives to kill Masaoka’s son, Ginoza, but when he discovers him, he attacks and kills him.

Makishima is spotted and wounded by Kogami, but Tsunemori manages to stop him. When Makishima tries to kill Tsunemori, Kogami uses Masaoka’s gun to kill him. In the final scene, Ginoza joins the Enforcers after witnessing the death of his father; Tsunemori has assumed the role of leader and is shown welcoming Inspector Mika Shimotsuki. Additionally, Kogami was last seen aboard a ship.

Where Will Psycho-Pass Providence Be Aired?

The release date and locations for Psycho-Pass have not yet been announced on the movie’s official website or social media accounts. No doubt it will be released in theatres all around Japan, but those of us who don’t happen to live there may not have the same luck.

Since the series and movies are already being shown on services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Funimation Now, and Tubi TV, it seems likely that the film will also be made available there.

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