Video Of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Released
Video Of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Released

Police Body-Camera Footage of Paul Pelosi’s Hammer Attack Has Been Released

The horrific hammer attack against Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democratic congresswoman and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, last October was further illuminated by police body-camera footage that was made public on Friday afternoon.

In the frightening footage, officers can be seen approaching the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and noisily knocking on the door. The door is opened by Paul Pelosi, who is then seen fighting with an intruder over a hammer.

What’s going on, man? The police can be heard asking before telling the suspect to put down the hammer. But after responding, “Nope,” he manages to grasp it, swing it, and strike Pelosi in the head just off camera.

As the police rush in, they discover Pelosi lying on the ground, unconscious and having trouble breathing. They wrestle with the suspect, who has fallen to the ground partially on top of Pelosi, before taking him into custody.

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Pelosi, 82, required surgery after the attack left him with a fractured skull, damage to his hand, and injuries to his arm. He spent about a week recuperating in the hospital.

The San Francisco district attorney’s office’s attempts to keep the footage hidden from the public were rejected by a state judge, leading to the video’s publication on Friday. David DePape, a Canadian citizen who is the suspect in the incident, is charged on a state and federal level with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, among other offenses. DePape has entered a not-guilty plea to the accusations.

DePape’s remarks to the police following the incident suggested that his actions were motivated by politics. A San Francisco police investigator recalled how DePape alleged that there was “evil in Washington” and gave details of his first plans to abduct the House speaker in court evidence last month.

She quickly took a flight from Washington, where she was at the time, back to California to be with her husband. The Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, was among the other prominent leaders on DePape’s list of targets, according to the investigators.

Concerns concerning the potential of rising political violence in the US were made worse by the incident. Several key government figures have had their homes and offices targeted in recent months. A guy brandishing a gun was detained last June outside the residence of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after making threats to harm him.

Video Of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Released
Video Of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Released

The number of violent threats has also increased, according to members of Congress, especially in the wake of the tragic Capitol attack on January 6, 2021. The number of threat investigations conducted by the US Capitol Police decreased in 2022, but it is still frighteningly high.

The US Capitol police commander, Tom Manger, stated last week that the best approach to ensure everyone’s safety was to continue reducing violent political discourse around the nation.

Some right-wing authorities and media responded to the attack on Paul Pelosi with laughter despite officials’ declarations of worry about the surge in violent speech. At a campaign event, Virginia’s Republican governor Glenn Youngkin joked that voters would “send [Nancy Pelosi] back to be with him in California.” Kari Lake, a former Arizona governor candidate, mocked the security at Pelosi’s house in response to the assault.

Some right-wing figures even went so far as to propagate untrue rumors about the attack, claiming DePape was a liberal. DePape appears to have advocated far-right ideologies and dabbled in fringe political groupings based on his online behavior.

Following the assault, several Democrats, including Joe Biden, urged Republicans to use their platform to condemn such violence rather than minimize it.

Biden remarked shortly after the incident, “There’s too much violence – political violence – too much hostility, too much vitriol.” “There is enough, enough, enough.”

In the midterm elections last November, Democrats fared better than anticipated, but Republicans narrowly took control of the House of Representatives  Following a contentious election earlier this month at the beginning of the 118th Congress, California congressman Kevin McCarthy assumed the speakership.

Democrat Hakeem Jeffries of Next York took over as House minority leader in the new Congress after Pelosi stated following the midterm elections that she would step aside from her leadership position while continuing to represent her district in Washington.

After a consortium of news organizations, including the Associated Press, requested access to the evidence presented by the prosecution in open court last month, video footage was eventually made public  The San Francisco district attorney’s office has turned down requests from journalists to view the exhibits.

On Wednesday, a state court judge determined that there was no justification for keeping the video a secret  Paul Pelosi’s 911 call and footage from a Capitol police security camera depicting the burglar breaking in are included in the evidence.

Adam Lipson, a deputy public defender in San Francisco who defended DePape and opposed the publication of the evidence in a court petition, termed the release of the footage on Friday a “bad mistake.”

Paul Pelosi attempted to use the home’s elevator to call a friend after DePape approached him in his bedroom. Still, DePape barred his path, according to previous reports from law enforcement  The intruder can be heard pretending to be “a buddy” and telling Pelosi to hang up before DePape could call 911 while his phone was charging in the bathroom, where Pelosi then instructed him to go  The police were called.

After the document’s publication, Nancy Pelosi remarked in remarks at the US Capitol that her husband “is making progress, but it will take more time.”

” I did not hear the 911 call  I have not heard the confession I didn’t witness the break-in  And I’m not going to watch the murderous attack on my husband,” she declared  Stay tuned with us for the latest updates like this only

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