Memphis Police Release Video In Tyre Nichols’ Death

Tyre Nichols, 29, was pepper sprayed, tased, and severely beaten by police during a traffic stop on January 7th, according to video evidence provided by the city of Memphis on Friday. Four movies were created from the footage captured by a SkyCop camera and police officers’ body cams.

Police can be heard ordering Nichols to exit his vehicle and ejecting him against his will. Law enforcement officials and the family’s attorneys have called the video “extremely terrible,” “alarming,” and “unconscionable.”

The films show cops punching Nichols at least four times in the face, kicking him at least twice in the face, at least three or four times with a baton in the upper body, at least two more times with a punch to the upper body, and at least twice with a kick to the abdomen. How to navigate news coverage and social media as video of Tyre Nichols’ death is released

The first video is 11 minutes long and captured on a police officer’s body camera. At Raines and Ross Roads, Nichols is seen being pulled from a car by police as he cries, “I didn’t do anything!”

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One of the officers says, “Get on the fuckin’ ground!” I’m going to tase your behind. Nichols shouts, “I’m on the ground, I’m on the ground.” Also audible are the words “break your crap” from an officer. Nichols remarks, “You guys are doing a lot now. “I just want to get home,” you say.

As Nichols flees and the police fire a taser at him, the video shackles. The footage demonstrates how other officers’ pepper spray struck a number of the officers. At the initial scene, an officer remarks, “I hope they stomp his ass.”

The second video, which is silent and lasts for roughly 30 minutes, was captured by a SkyCop camera at Castlegate and Bear Creek Lane. As Nichols tries to turn over, the camera pivots to reveal two officers shoving him down on his face. Then it seems like a third officer kicks Nichols repeatedly in the face. A fourth officer observes before approaching Nichols and striking him with a baton.

Before officers appear to punch Nichols in the face repeatedly, he is able to stand up again. Three officers then push him to the ground once more.

As more officers enter the picture, one tries to restrain Nichols’ feet. He appears to be kicked once more by one of the officers.

As Nichols lies virtually prone on the ground, wiggling his legs but unable to stand up, the officers turn away. Nichols is then dragged by cops over the concrete and leaned against a car. There are currently at least six police officers on duty.

Memphis Police Release Video In Tyre Nichols' Death

As Nichols leans against the car and more officers gather nearby, the minutes drag on. Nichols appears to tumble off the car and lie flat on the ground. Officers do nothing to help as he bounces back and forth on the concrete. A stretcher is not brought for Nichols until 28 minutes into the second video.

The third video, captured on a body camera, shows an officer rushing to the scene at Castlegate and Bear Creek Lane while Nichols is screaming for his mother on the ground. The cop then sprays Nichols.

The officer threatens, “I’m going to baton the fuck out of you,” appears to be under the influence of his pepper spray. Give your hands to us. There are punches from other police officers.

A separate police officer can be seen running toward the second scenario in the fourth body camera video. Nichols can be seen being pushed to the ground by that officer’s hands. Nichols cries, “Mom,” The camera goes dark as the officers keep ordering him to show his hands.

While a battle occurs and Nichols repeatedly calls for his mother, the video feed goes dark for a while. A man may be heard groaning and attempting to scream.

A few minutes later, an officer says, “That mother-fucker on something,” with the body camera still inaccessible. He is always cutting through traffic. When the camera can be seen, Nichols can be seen resting against the police vehicle. Kindly visit our if you require any additional information.

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