One Piece King
One Piece King

The One Piece King: Revealing the True Identity and Past

One Piece has reached a new phase in the Wano Country arc’s climax, and the latest episode of the One Piece anime has finally revealed the true identity of King! As Luffy and Kaido continue to fight on the roof of the Skull Dome, the fights across Onigashima are winding down to their final significant confrontations.

This included the final two Straw Hat crew battles, where Sanji and Zoro struggled against King and Queen, Kaido’s top two performers. After the previous episodes of the One Piece anime concluded Sanji’s battle with Queen, it was time for Zoro’s struggle with King to complete.

One Piece King
One Piece King

Fans may have been impressed by Sanji’s fight in the One Piece anime, but Zoro’s fight with King took things to the next level. Zoro began to strike King with greater force after successfully channeling his Conqueror’s Haki through his swords.

This left a significant mark on King, and the mask the Lead Performer had used to conceal his face was removed. With this revelation, fans gained insight into King’s past. One Fan Tweeted, We’re so close to seeing him take the ‘finest man in anime’ title.”

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Who Is King In One Piece?

In One Piece Episode 1062, Zoro attacks King with such ferocity that it penetrates his defenses and forces him to remove his mask. Along with the reveal of his face, fans also learned a bit more about his personality. A flashback revealed that he and Kaido were once held as prisoners and subjected to experiments by the Marines.

And King became Kaido’s first significant recruit for the Beasts Pirates crew. From then on, King devoted his life to helping Kaido realize his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates and transforming the world. King’s power derives from the fact that he is a member of an ancient race known as the Lunarians.

A fan page on Twitter posted a clip of a fight between Zoro and King. You can see the Tweet below.

He was subjected to experiments because the government views this race as extremely valuable. He wore the mask partly to prevent others from cashing in on the enormous bounty for Lunarians and partly because he had pledged his identity to Kaido and the crew. But Zoro ultimately prevailed despite revealing his true identity and fighting for his captain.

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