who killed king cobra one piece
who killed king cobra one piece

Unmasking The Mystery: Who ki!!ed King Cobra In One Piece?

The King of Alabasta was one of the latest One Piece twists. After the Wano arc ended, this was one of many events that confused readers. You know this article contains anime-only spoilers. Even though you’re already halfway spoiled, I’ll warn you about future events.

Only read it if you’re okay with the manga’s plot. Sabo ki!!ed Nefertari Cobra, the King of Alabasta, but there must be a reason. The World Government announced it, and Sabo may be a scapegoat. We’ll discuss Who ki!!ed King Cobra One Piece. Let’s begin!

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Who Ki!! ed King Cobra One Piece?

The identity of the One Piece character who ki!!ed King Cobra remains unknown. There are, however, a few suspects.

  • Sabo is the prime suspect in the murder of Cobra. He was observed arguing with Cobra at the Levely and was also accused of murdering him. Sabo denies ki!!ed Cobra, and there are no corroborating pieces of evidence.
  • The World Government has a history of eliminating those who threaten its authority. Cobra posed a danger to the World Government due to his knowledge of the Void Century. The World Government may have assassinated Cobra to silence him.
  • Imu is the enigmatic figure seated on the Empty Throne in Mary Geoise. Imu is said to be the most powerful person in the world, and if the truth about the Void Century is revealed, they stand to lose a great deal. It is possible that Imu murdered Cobra to prevent him from telling the world the truth.

The identity of the individual who ki!!ed King Cobra remains a mystery. Nonetheless, a powerful individual desired his d@ath.

Did Sabo ki!!ed Cobra?

This has yet to be proven; it is only speculation now. Many things happened at the Reverie that have yet to be revealed, and the murder of King Cobra is just one of them! We know that shortly after Cobra was murdered, his daughter, Princess Nefertari Vivi of the Alabasta Kingdom, went missing.

ONE PIECE posted the last conversation between King Cobra and Gorosei. You can see the Tweet below.


That was a strange time for her disappearance, and when you consider Sabo is also missing, there’s only one conclusion to draw. Sabo most likely saved Vivi from whoever was attempting to murder her, but he could not keep Cobra!

Why can this be a strong possibility? 

During the Reverie arc, we learned that in the world of One Piece, there is a “king” who controls everything from behind the scenes, Imu. And we know that the Five Elders were discussing “cleansing” with many emphases on Vivi’s photo. So it’s probably safe to assume that Vivi was a target to be eliminated during the Reverie, and Sabo was just there to ensure that didn’t happen.

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Is Kobra Really De@d?

Probably dead! We must also consider another angle. Suppose he’s alive? Cobra may have feigned d@ath. Cobra must have tried to save Vivi from the murderer and was shot. Why fake his d@ath? To convince the World Government and Five Elders that their plans were partially successful.

who killed king cobra one piece
who killed king cobra one piece

The Five Elders consider the Nefertari Family traitors because they were one of the 20 original families that formed the World Government 800 years ago but stayed in their kingdom instead of going to the Holyland and becoming the Celestial Dragons. Alabasta is also Luffy’s ally now!

King Cobra also requested a meeting with the Five Elders during the Reverie. Cobra may have faked his d@ath to escape with Sabo and Vivi. We’ll see if he returns at a crucial point in the story. Instead of faking his d@ath, he may have died protecting Vivi!

Conclusion: Since the manga is ongoing and we just learned that Sabo is alive, we’ll have to wait for the following chapters to learn more about One Piece. The Reverie’s events will reveal King Cobra’s d@ath, why, and who ki!!ed him. It’s fun to guess whether Sabo ki!!ed Cobra, but Oda-sensei will surprise us. Sabo ki!!ed Cobra? Let’s see!

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