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Nano Machine Chapter 131
Nano Machine Chapter 131

Nano Machine Chapter 131 Release Date (Updated)

Nano Machine Chapter 131: Nano Machine, often spelled Nanomasin, is widely regarded as one of the best-loved Korean manhwas of all time. Nanomachine is the brainchild of writer/artist and writer/artist Geum Gangbulgoe.

The webtoon consistently receives over 102,000 monthly views, placing it at fifteen. The 100th chapter of Naver webtoons’ nanomachine, which premiered on June 10, 2020, is complete. Also, it’s 4.3 out of 5 stars, making it a strong competitor to other science fiction-themed manhwas.

Nano Machine Chapter 131 Release Date

After the success of Chapter 130, readers of this series are eager to know when Nano Machine Chapter 131 will be available. On November 9th, 2022, Nano Machine Chapter 131 will be made available.

Recap of Nano Machine Chapter 130 Summary

The cadets cheered as soon as they saw Chun Yeowun emerge from the toxic cloud. The survivors were shocked to see him alive; everyone had assumed he had passed away. Aside from the fact that the poison gas had ripped his clothes to shreds, he showed no signs of having been hurt. Because of its intensity, it broke through his body’s energy shield and started melting his flesh. Nano’s healing abilities wouldn’t help if the toxin fully melted him.

The toxic vapour that had surrounded Yeowun was expelled along with the pure energy that surged from his White Dragon Blade as he channelled energy into it to fight Baek Oh. The dark blue poisonous energy was released from the blade and began to combust, burning away the poison and healing the wound.

Nano Machine Chapter 131
Nano Machine Chapter 131

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There was no way he could have imagined something like that happening to a human being. The skin on Baek Oh’s body hardened like a shield and secreted a corrosive venom that could melt boulders. The powerful toxin caused the area around Baek Oh to begin melting.

When he perfected his poison art, his entire body became a lethal weapon. The outsiders’ mere presence was enough to make them cough. At this point, it seemed like this was the only option for eliminating Chun Yeowun.

More About Nano Machine Story

Nano Machine is a webcomic created by Jeolmu Hyeon and illustrated by Geum Gangbulgoe. The novel that inspired this adaptation may be found at the same name on Webtoons. Naver unveiled it on June 10, 2020, and it’s already in use.

Prince Cheon Yeo Woon of the Demonic Cult suffers from pain and difficulty after being abandoned. Everything in his life changes when an unexpected ancestor from the future shows up.

When activated, this descendant’s Nano Machine implanted in Cheon Yeo Woon’s body causes dramatic changes in the latter’s life. Cheon Yeo Woon had only just left the Demonic Cult and started training to become the greatest martial artist in the world.

The main character in both Nano Machine and its sequel, Descent of the Demon God. An attractive young man with a light complexion, long black hair, and dark eyes. He had many Body Reconstructions done, and as a result, his skin is now clear and his muscles are strong. His signature outfit consists of long, black robes and a scarlet cape.

Although Cheon Yeo-Woon was young, he was far from inexperienced. The numerous obstacles and attempts at his life had only served to strengthen and refine him. If he had a weapon, he knew he needed to keep it hidden to ensure his survival. As a leader, he was noted for his compassion toward his employees and his sternness with his adversaries.

Nano Machine Chapter 131 Trailer


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