Black Clover Chapter 344 Release Date And Time

Black Clover Chapter 344: Yki Tabata has written and illustrated the shnen manga Black Clover. The Japanese publisher Sheisha first released it on February 16, 2015, in the Weekly Shnen Jump magazine, and later collected it into bound volumes. 32 volumes have been published so far. We’ll give you everything you need to know about Black Clover Chapter 344, scheduled for release on November 12, 2022, while we wait for the story to develop further following the three-month break and the beginning of the final arc.

Black Clover Chapter 344 Release Date And Time

Currently, the expected publication date for Black Clover Chapter 344 is November 13 (17:00 local time), barring any unexpected delays. Both the chapter’s title and page count are currently unknown. Unlike the manga chapters, the titles of the episodes are typically disclosed before they air. The following manga chapter has a set publishing date in Japan, but the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer.

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Black Clover Chapter 344 Plot

We currently have no idea what goes on in Black Clover Chapter 344. To ensure you have a firm grasp of the story’s backstory, we’ve decided to provide you with a brief summary of the most recent chapter:

Yuno Grinberryall is sent to meet his mother, Queen Nacht Faust of the Spade Kingdom. The similarities between the two are striking, and Yuno recognises her from the nightmares he and Ralph had experienced. Yuno’s continued existence has Ciel so overjoyed that she hugs him in her relief. The rebels are excited at the prospect of Yuno becoming as king, and they have asked him to return to the Spade Kingdom to assume power gradually.

Black Clover Chapter 344
Black Clover Chapter 344

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Many topics await our conversation with Yuno. While that’s something Ciel would want to accomplish, Yuno isn’t quite ready to commit because he still has Asta’s request to grant. In the meantime, Asta is appreciative to Liebe because via him, he is able to recall his mother’s memories.

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 344?

Currently, the only reliable source for new chapters of Black Clover in English is Viz Media’s official website. As the official American publisher of Black Clover, Viz Media does in fact make the series available on a regular basis, though it does so after the Japanese originals have been released. A Viz Media subscription not only gives you access to the latest chapters, but also to a wide variety of other series.

Black Clover Chapter 344 Trailer

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