My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage: Who is Animating My Happy Marriage?

Happy Marriage: My Experience Developed by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka, Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon is a popular light novel series in Japan. Since January 2019, Fujimi Shobo has produced six volumes under their Fujimi L Bunko imprint, which were first published online via the user-generated novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar.

In December 2018, Square Enix’s Gangan Online service began serializing a manga adaptation created by Rito Kohsaka; the episodes will be compiled into three tank on volumes beginning in October 2021. The debut of the Japanese version of the live-action film adaption is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. Kinema Citrus has announced that they will be adapting the show into an anime.

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Miyo Saimori, a 19th-century Japanese girl with no innate abilities, is enslaved by her cruel stepmother during the Meiji Restoration era. When Miyo reaches marriageable age, however, she is devastated to learn that her fiancé is Kiyoka Kudou, a commander rumored to be so icy and harsh that all of his previous brides fled the engagement within three days.

My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage

Miyo accepts her fate, knowing she cannot return to her home and is pleasantly surprised to see that her future spouse, though pale and handsome, is not the monster she had feared. As they begin to trust and open up to one another, they both begin to see the other as their best opportunity for love and happiness.


Light novels

My Happy Marriage was written by Akumi Agitogi and was first published on the online novel publishing platform Shsetsuka ni Naru. Fujimi Shobo later picked up the series and on January 15, 2019, under their Fujimi L Bunko name, began publishing the novels with artwork by Tsukiho Tsukioka. 6 volumes have been published as of July 2022. The novels are being released in the English language by Yen Press.


The announcement of an anime adaption was made on April 5th, 2022. Takehiro Kubota is in charge of production at Kinema Citrus, while the show’s scripts were written by Ami Sat, Takahito nishi, and Momoka Toyoda, with artwork for the characters coming from Shoko Yasuda and music from Evan Call.

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