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Dinosaurs Sanctuary
Dinosaurs Sanctuary

Dinosaurs Sanctuary: What is the Best Way to Survive the Sanctuary in Jurassic World?

A “Survival!” sign will pop up after you arrive, and during that time, you’ll have an “Eatin’ Frenzy” to chow down on as many creatures as you can. In SpeedRun mode, this doesn’t seem to show up. You can easily knock over even the largest dinosaurs, such as the Parasaurolophus if they break through. You can earn bonus points by playing in this mode.

Dino sanctuaries

Once you enter any sanctuary from Easy to Hard, a boulder will roll into the exit, sealing it off from you and the wall of doom.

Easy mode

Finding solace in the simplified refuge is straightforward. There’s a fountain within, as well as a ledge where another dinosaur has built its nest, and glowing orbs are strung from vines around the walls. Every once in a while, you can spot a brown bird perched on a vine.

Due to the lack of the true Apocalypse level, the two hidden safehouses cannot be accessed when playing on Easy Challenge.

Medium mode

The sanctuary available in medium mode is slightly larger and has a tunnel leading to it. However, there are puddles of water rather than a fountain. There are several ledges with holes in the wall where lizards and runners can gain access. The spheres are bigger, and there are two birds perched on the vines at the cave’s ceiling. One of the three resident dinosaurs is often seen perched atop a vine with a bird. There’s also an egg-filled nest in plain view.

Hard mode

The fact that this sanctuary is the largest in the game, even on Insane difficulty, makes it unique. A hole in the middle of a flower bed serves as the entrance; once inside, a steep tube descends into a vast underground chamber. Near the portal lies a cave teeming with worms and rock art depicting characters from other Pixeljam titles.

Also, “Pixeljam” is written there. You’ll find a good number of platforms here, in addition to three caverns with feeding ports. Instead of vines and spheres covering the roof of the cavern, lava rock is lodged in it. While rarely seen, a color-changing variant of your dinosaur can be found on a ledge. There are numerous members of your species that show up here, but recently a blue dino has been spotted in close proximity to two tunnels dug to carry food: one with water nearby, and another that brings Runners and lizards.

Dinosaurs Sanctuary

Insane! mode

The Insane mode safe haven is the second largest sanctuary and is disguised as an extraterrestrial spaceship. Grass, ponds, and platforms all make it look like a gigantic snow globe. Additionally, it features all of the in-game fauna. Two aliens are standing at the gangway outside, motioning for you to get aboard. Entering causes it to shut and reveal the Bronto Egg inside. It’s filled with baby dinosaurs.

Secret sanctuary

In Apocalypse of Medium Difficulty and Higher, the Secret Survival is located inside the volcano. The correct course of action is to take a running jump onto the ledge on your left rather than continuing straight ahead. Taking the tunnel’s descent will lead you to the hidden safe house. There is a single opening for delivering food, vines bearing spheres, and a massive rock set into the wall. It’s the smallest of the sanctuaries.

Dino Paradise

Dino Paradise may be accessed by travelling to the volcano in which Secret Survival is located in Apocalypse, and then ascending the same ledge to which access is granted to the hidden safe haven, but this time turning right and leaping onto the ledge.

Then enter the short side cave that appears to finish at the upper right section of the cave volcano. You can enter a small chamber with a white doorway and three eerie-looking monsters if you duck and walk through the wall. If you enter the portal, you will land in front of the paradise shack. You’ll have the entire paradise to yourself.

Exit Holes

There is a “escape hole” in the Easy, Medium, and Hard safe houses. You can use them to go on adventures with pals online or in the real world without worrying about getting killed.

If you’re stuck in the Easy or Medium safe zones, jump into a wall and keep hitting the jump button. You’ll need a miracle to make your getaway.

Escaping the Hard sanctuary is less difficult. To enter the runners’ cave, simply climb up to the entrance (it’s above the hole with mushrooms and a rainbow dinosaur) and leap into the wall (see the image).

The hidden safehouse also features an egress hatch. You can get out of the runners’ tunnel by making a running leap directly into the wall. After that, you can go to heaven or the ordinary sanctuary for an even bigger feast.

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