Mui Goku And What We Know So Far About!

Fans of Gohan were pleased to see that Toriyama paid him some attention in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, in which he underwent a new transformation known as Final Gohan. In this transformation, he quickly turned the tables on the fight against an incredibly powerful Cell Max. Even so, we may be assured that Goku is still out there, gaining strength via practise and mastery of Ultra Instinct.

What Final Gohan did in the movie suggests he may be quite powerful. We know that MUI Goku is among the greatest beings in the Dragon Ball Super multiverse because he has defeated gods and angels. That being said, let’s analyse why MUI Goku is superior to Final Gohan even now.

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Martial Arts Skills

As everyone knows, Final Gohan’s combat skills are just those of base Gohan, who is a talented and competent martial artist who studied under Piccolo and Goku. Since he is well-versed in the various fighting styles given to him by his instructors, he is a formidable opponent. The finest aspect is that unlike its predecessor, Potential Unleashed Gohan, Final Gohan relies not just on raw power but also on fighting prowess when engaging in combat.

While Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form makes extensive use of his incredible strength in addition to his martial arts prowess, MUI Goku’s fighting style is very different.

It is impossible for any kind of martial artist to score a strike on Goku since MUI gives him the innate knowledge of when to evade and counterattack. Even in his weakest Ultra Instinct state, Jiren had no chance of defeating Goku. When Goku uses his MUI in conjunction with his martial arts skills, he becomes an extremely formidable opponent.

While it’s true that Final Gohan has amazing fighting talents, he can’t hold a candle to basic Goku’s mastery of martial arts. Further, Goku’s MUI state places him among the best martial artists in the universe, bar none, if we exclude gods and angels.

Mui Goku
Mui Goku

Power Level

In the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it was made clear that Final Gohan possesses the raw power that is perhaps the highest we have seen so far from a Saiyan in Dragon Ball. Even though Cell Max was a formidable opponent for the world’s remaining top martial artists, he was still able to kill the monster with a single blast from his gun.

Whether or whether he possesses divine or godlike abilities is unknown, but we can safely assume that he is significantly more powerful than either Super Saiyan Blue or Evolved Super Saiyan Blue.

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