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Death Note Characters
Death Note Characters

Who Is The Most Popular Death Note Character?

Death Note became an instant classic in the 2000s and continues to have an impact on the medium to this day. The series’ deep and multifaceted characters are a large part of what makes it a classic. Although Death Note features several of the most recognizable anime characters of all time, not every character enjoys the same level of popularity.

Since Matt dies so soon after being introduced in the Death Note anime, he is often forgotten. Matthew is a fan favourite despite his minor part in the show. With his intelligence and investigative prowess, he is one of three possible heirs to L’s legacy.

The fact that he has become so beloved while never having been seen in action is a tragedy. His potential role as one of L’s disciples was a fascinating plot point that may have piqued the interest of fans of Mello and Near. His death was unexpected, leaving his followers to wonder what happened.

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Misa Deserved To Develop Beyond Her Obsession With Light

Misa’s devotion to Kira grows as he unwittingly avenges her parents’ deaths. Misa’s devotion to Light soon becomes an obsession, and she is ready to do everything he asks of her. Misa is a kind person at heart who seeks love despite the crimes she performs in his name.

It would have been fascinating to watch Misa break free from Kira’s control, as she was obviously capable of much more than serving as his pawn. As a result of her fixation, she became more and more stuck and never progressed. Misa was a great actor, but she deserved better than a life of servitude to Light.

L’s Death Comes Far Too Soon

To this day, L remains one of the most well-liked figures in the series. His peculiarities and astounding intelligence endear him to audiences from the minute they are introduced to him. Many people feel the story suffers greatly after his death.

Though his death was dramatic and profound, it felt too soon to get go of him given how much his character still had to offer for the series. The cat-and-mouse game between L and Kira was always one of the finest elements of Death Note, so its conclusion leaves the plot feeling very hollow.

Near Remains In L’s Shadow Long After His Death

Near takes over L’s duties as the tragic events of the first half of Death Note come to a devastating end. Fans are quick to criticize Near for failing to live up to the expectations set by L’s famous position in the plot. The two are so visually and behaviorally similar that comparisons are effortless.

Near may have been a very popular protagonist in his own right if he’d been given more agency and been allowed to step out from under the shadow of his predecessor. He was never given this chance and instead seemed like a pale substitute for the real thing.

Rem’s Story Could Have Given More Insight Into The Shinigami

Rem is one of the most interesting Shinigami in the series. Her humanlike emotions and attachments set her distinct from the rest. Her unusual capacity for love among her species sets up a fascinating plot point.

Death Note Characters
Death Note Characters

Rem’s backstory is a fascinating addition to the show that could have shed light on the nuances of the Shinigami’s emotions had it been developed further. Her time in the novel was cut short, though, and readers were left with many questions unanswered.

Naomi Is Killed Off Before She Can Show Fans What She’s Capable Of

One of the hardest and most tragic deaths in Death Note is what happens to Naomi Misora. She’s on Kira’s trail and ready to dig in, but Light kills her in cold blood.

To me, the story’s treatment of Naomi feels like wasted potential, since she could have added a refreshing new dimension to Kira inquiry. Apparently, she was supposed to play a much larger role than she did, but she was eliminated because of issues. Her brief appearance was powerful, but it’s intriguing to speculate about what could have happened to the plot if she hadn’t been killed off so soon.

Fans Never Learn Much About Ryuk

Ryuk, the protagonist and one of the show’s most popular characters, is important in the series’ plot. Despite his prominence, viewers learn very little about him outside of scattered comments and actions. Other Shinigami share their stories, letting people in on their innermost thoughts and aspirations.

However, the only aspect of Ryuk ever revealed to the public is the vicious nature he masks behind a cheerful front. He’s fascinating just as he is, and the intrigue around him only enhances the experience, but it would be good to get more insight into his plans and motivations as the series progresses.

Soichiro Deserved Better Than His Cruel Death

Soichiro Yagami was a father who never stopped having faith in his son. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he still refused to believe that Light was actually Kira. As a result, his tragic end ranks among the most heartbreaking in the entire series.

The story was intriguing because of Soichiro’s love for Light and their tight relationship, yet after everything he went through for his family, he deserved a much better ending. What’s more, it would have been intriguing to observe his part in the second half of the series, as well as his reaction to the season’s most memorable reveal.

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