Masked Anime Characters
Masked Anime Characters

The 8 Most Memorable Masked Anime Characters

Fashion choices for anime characters vary widely from show to show. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that they will wear a disguise, such as a mask. However, there are a number of criteria that will determine how memorable a character is:

1) Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Kakashi’s true form was one of the series’ biggest mysteries in the beginning. His admirers would eventually see through the facade and uncover a handsome man behind. Still, it was interesting to see so many different explanations for it, especially since Naruto himself is curious about its hidden nature.

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2) Ichigo Kurasaki (Bleach)

Default Though Ichigo himself doesn’t cover his face, his Hollow form does. For this reason, and also because Bleach is one of the three most influential anime series of all time, it is only natural that he would appear in this way on a list like this. Ichigo may be the most well-known mashed character in Bleach, but he isn’t the only one.

This Hollow Mask has two immediately recognizable styles. One is the whole version, and the other is a broken one. It’s a good look for a protagonist that is part Hollow, part Shinigami, and part Quincy.

3) Tomura Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

Whenever one of My Hero Academia’s key antagonists first appeared on screen, he wore a peculiar mask. Shigaraki was hiding his face with his hand. No one could deny that this was a one-of-a-kind style choice, but it wasn’t made for no apparent purpose at all. Instead, the fact that there were so many hands on his head was for a completely rational (though perverse) cause.

In his fight with Re-Destro, several of his hands would be annihilated, but one would “survive.” That one was passed down from All Might’s spiritual guide and Shigaraki’s grandma, Nana Shimura.

4) Inosuke Hashibira (Demon Slayer)

In anime, not all masks adhere to the traditional aesthetic. Inosuke covers his face with a boar’s head. Fans recognize his trademark boar headwear because he was raised by one. It’s odd, but it’s also one of the reasons why even people who don’t keep up with the Demon Slayer news may recognize him.

Despite the fact that the boar’s head may be repulsive, Inosuke’s natural appearance is rather attractive. As one of the most beloved figures in the wildly successful Demon Slayer anime, he justifiably occupies a high rank here.

5) Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Weird and disturbing, Kaneki Ken’s mask is one of the most recognisable in pop culture. Since his ghoul mask has been used as a profile photo on numerous social media platforms, many of his fans should have no trouble recalling the image.

Keep in mind that he also possesses three additional kakuja masks of varying styles. Thus, he has multiple instantly recognisable designs that are instantly recognisable to fans of Tokyo Ghoul, the first of which is the most recognisable.

Masked Anime Characters
Masked Anime Characters

6) Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon’s main love interest, Mamoru Chiba, assumes the identity of the villainous Tuxedo Mask. That makes him, unsurprisingly, a somewhat significant figure in this groundbreaking anime. His identity is a well-guarded secret, and unlike the other characters on this list, the mask is an essential part of his disguise.

He would finally have his secret revealed when he was attacked by Black Lady, proving what was already evident to any viewer. Even if the “My Job Here is Done” meme misrepresents what transpired in the scene, the average anime fan should know him from it.

7) No-Face (Spirited Away)

The film Spirited Away is widely considered to be among the best and most well-known in the history of animation. No-Face is a memorable character in the movie (also known as Kaonashi). His entire design consists of a dark figure wearing a plain mask, therefore he fits in perfectly with the rest of the entries on our list.

Throughout the film, we witness him devour various characters, gaining the abilities and voices of those he consumes. Chihiro and the odd beast become fast friends, and the beast sheds all of his “weight” chasing Chihiro about the baths.

8) Ririka Momobami (Kakegurui)

A dark horse candidate comes first, before the heavy hitters. Ririka Momobami has been seen almost exclusively concealing her identity behind her mask ever since a gambling loss at a young age. Ririka and her twin sister Kirari made a bet, and Ririka lost, so Kirari became the dominant sibling.

Kakegurui’s Election Arc focused primarily on allowing Ririka to step out from under Kirari’s constant shadow and develop her own identity. With the reveal of her face, viewers get their first real look at Ririka, whose growing bond with Mary makes this moment all the more endearing.

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