Top 9 Female Black Anime Characters

There should be more black women in leading roles in anime, but there just aren’t. If any black women are to be seen at all, they will most likely play supporting roles. It’s to be hoped that in the future, more artists will work to ensure a wider range of voices is heard.

1. Canary

Canary is the Zoldyck family’s butler and bodyguard. Even though she’s only a teenager, we wouldn’t want to piss her off. She stopped an intruder and his 100 men cold when she was just 10 years old.

2. Heles, Goddess of Destruction

Heles is supposed to have a look that’s halfway between that Nefertiti and Cleopatra. She values all living things and their continued existence. She will not tolerate any kind of wrongdoing. She is in charge of death and destruction, but she is kind and concerned about her troops.

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3. Sister Krone

Together with Isabella, Krone takes care of the orphans at Grace Field House. Growing up at the orphanage, she discovered its terrible truth and had to decide whether to end her life or become a guardian who kept the institution running.

4. Atsuko Jackson

Atsuko, a police officer in Brazil, and Michiko Malandro, the protagonist, were both raised in an orphanage. There’s some history between the two of them from their younger days, and she’s spent her adult life attempting to track her down. She seems to have a problematic relationship with Michiko, despite the fact that she is pursuing her. It’s refreshing to watch an anime with a black protagonist, especially one with two strong female leads that can play off each other.

5. Francheska Mila Rose

Eventually, in this anime series, Mila proves to be a formidable adversary to the protagonists. She is a component of the Tier Harribe Fracción as the 55th Arrancar. Despite her proclivity toward a brutal combat technique, she cares for her fellow Fracción.

6. Miyuki Ayukawa

Miyuki was a mechanic for the basquashers’ team. She was constantly fixing their Big Foots for them. She’s Dan JD’s high school sweetheart, but she’s much much more than that! When a girl in an anime just serves as a crush on the main character, she can end up flat and uninteresting. When it comes to flying a Big Foot, it’s actually her who instructs him. It’s awesome to see black women in anime who are skilled technicians and artisans.

Black Anime Girl Characters
Black Anime Girl Characters

7. Mira Naigus

People in the Soul Eater universe can team up as demon weapons or weapon meisters. Mira is a devilish blade, or dagger. Sid Barrett is her master or wielder. In the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where she and her fellow trainees are all dedicated to their profession, she has never wavered in her allegiance.

8. Casca

Casca proves her mettle by serving as one of the band’s most senior commanders. She was born into poverty and went to work for a nobleman when she was just 12 years old. Griffith steps in when he makes sexual advances at her. He ultimately allows Casca to take the life of her assailant. In an effort to better herself, she became a member of the Bank of the Hawk.

9. S.A.M

Special Associate Model is the name of a pivotal figure in the Cannon Busters franchise, and the acronym stands for the character’s full name. She’s an intelligent robot created with human companionship in mind. To the extent that she recognizes you as a friend, you may count on her loyalty and warmth. She has a kind demeanor, but her character discovers there is more to life than being purely nice.

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