Shonen Note Boy Soprano: What is a Plot, Character And More Detail!

One of Yuhki Kamatani’s many manga series is Boy Soprano, Shonen Note (Hepburn: Shnen Not). From November 2010 until May 2014, it ran in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Morning Two, and its episodes were compiled in eight tank on volumes. The protagonist, Yutaka Aoi, is a boy soprano who enters the world of competitive choir just as his voice begins to change as he hits puberty.


Talented and unusually attuned to sound, young soprano Yutaka Aoi has won acclaim for his heavenly singing. After beginning middle school, he becomes involved with the school choir, where he meets and becomes friends with other students while competing. He also starts participating in the opera company in town.

This talent, however, is temporary, as his voice will change when he enters puberty. As the school year progresses, Yutaka and his fellow choir members confront their obstacles, and he meets a famous Russian boy soprano who is already losing his high singing voice.


Yutaka Aoi

A freshman with the extraordinary talent of soprano singing. At times, he can’t take in any more sound and becomes overwhelmed.

Akitoshi Betsuyaku

I’m a third-year student and the piano captain of the school choir. He’s a serious kid who has trouble getting along with others.

Shonen Note: Boy Soprano

Midori Machiya

Currently a sophomore and the choir’s second vice-captain. Some people find her enigmatic. She and Yutaka are both opera singers.

Tomoya Tomo

A friend and fellow freshman singer in the chorus with whom Yutaka became acquainted. Because of his abnormal height, people frequently assume he is much older than he is.

Mariko Ise

An additional freshman has joined the chorus this year. She has a hard time raising her voice since she is timid.

Vladimir Ilyich Popo

One of Russia’s most well-known boy sopranos. His voice is shifting, and he can’t quite adjust to it.

Natsumi Mito

A chorister who is discovering who they are and admiring Machiya.

Minoru Aoi

The older brother of Yutaka, who used to sing soprano. I’m just a flute-playing nomad at the moment.

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