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Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season
Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season: What Are the Los Angeles Rams Schedule?

It’s safe to say that the 2021 NFL season was a trying one for the Los Angeles Rams, but everything worked out in the end. Well, that’s how the fanbase felt after weathering the emotional roller coaster of the Rams’ 2021 NFL season. To what degree did the ride keep you on the edge of your seat? The squad blasted out of the gate with a 7-1 record. The club started off strong at 5-0, but then mysteriously slumped to a 7-4 record by midseason. It’s just as mysterious how the team went on a run to end the season 5-1.

The Rams took their winning streak into the NFL Playoffs, where they won four games in a row despite facing formidable opponents.

It is hoped that the Rams’ success in 2021 will continue into 2022.

Los Angeles Rams 2021 season in review

  • 12-5 record
  • 1st in NFC West
  • Won Super Bowl LVI

The 2021 NFL season for the Rams was a highly eventful one for everyone involved. Injuries plagued the club, particularly the running backs, defensive backs, wide receivers, and edge rushers. By making deals, signing free agents, and scouring the NFL waiver wire, the Los Angeles Rams front office was able to stay ahead of the roster shortages that plagued the team.

The team was able to break a losing skid in the middle of the season after trading for and subsequently signing OLB Von Miller, WR Odell Beckam Jr., and KR/PR Brandon Powell.

Los Angeles Rams 2022 NFL Draft class

  • Rd 3: Logan Bruss, OL/Wisconsin
  • Rd 4: Decobie Durant, DB/South Carolina St.
  • Rd 5: Kyren Williams, RB/Notre Dame
  • Rd 6: Quentin Lake, DB/UCLA
  • Rd 6: Derion Kendrick, DB/Georgia
  • Rd 7: Daniel Hardy, OLB/Montana State
  • Rd 7: Russ Yeast, DB/Kansas State
  • Rd 7: A.J. Arcuri, OL/Michigan State

The Rams’ reliance on the NFL draft’s rookie class has shifted from finding franchise players to bolstering the team’s bench. There are signs that one or two rookies from the Rams’ crop may not only contend for some playing time but may gain a meaningful rotational role for the squad, which is something the team will not complain about.

Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season
Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season

The Rams have never been afraid to redshirt first-year players, and that trend will continue this season. Previous rosters indeed had more flaws, but this one is more solidly built. We now know that rookie offensive lineman Logan Bruss will miss the rest of the season due to injury. However, wide receiver Lance McCutcheon shows that the Rams can continue to mine undrafted rookies for gems.

Previewing Los Angeles Rams offense for the 2022 season

  • Key offseason additions:
    • Allen Robinson, WR
    • Kyren Williams, RB
  • Biggest X-Factor: QB Matthew Stafford’s health
  • Squeakiest Wheel: Ram’s entire running back group

Returning for the Los Angeles Rams is veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford and his exceptional passing. Stafford shares a DNA fingerprint with such NFL greats as Brett Favre, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, and even Phillip Rivers. The Rams are confident in their pass-first offense this year because of the addition of several significant weapons. Wide receiver Allen Robinson is a perfect choice because of his skill at making difficult catches in crowds. Matthew Stafford enjoys throwing into moving vehicles.

However, we are aware that the offense can do better at fooling opposing defenders. The Rams expect their ground game to be strong with the return of veteran RB Cam Akers and the introduction of rookie RB Kyren Williams. Despite early promise, the Rams still have some work to do before they can seriously threaten opposing defenses by running the ball.

Previewing Rams defense for the 2022 season

  • Key offseason additions
    • Bobby Wagner, LB
    • Troy Hill, CB
  • Biggest X-Factor: Can Wagner rediscover his prime?
  • Squeakiest Wheel: Rams pass rush

While the Los Angeles Rams defence may not be as impressive as some may want, they appear to be rather strong on paper and the rule of thumb is winning, not startling or making headlines. This year, the Rams have three defensive players who have been named to the All-Pro team: DL Aaron Donald, LB Bobby Wagner, and CB Jalen Ramsey. Despite the defense’s fresh look, defensive coordinator Raheem Morris seems to have found his ideal starting lineup.

The Rams’ defense is formidable, including an excellent front seven, a deep group of linebackers, and a slew of all-star defensive backs. At this point, the team’s ability to get to the quarterback is its biggest concern. As the 2022 NFL season kicks off, the Ram’s pass rush appears to be in good shape, so I expect that question to be addressed fast.

Los Angeles Rams coaching staff overview

  • Head Coach: Sean McVay
  • Off. Coordinator: Liam Coen
  • Def. Coordinator: Raheem Morris

When it comes to NFL coaching staffs, the LA Rams have some of the worst-kept secrets. The Rams tend to have to fill many coaching positions every year due to turnover caused by poaching from other NFL teams.

The most promising young coaches in the NFL and the college coaching world are drawn to the NFL because of the opportunities for rapid advancement that it provides. After losing offensive coordinator Kevin O’connell to become head coach for the Minnesota Vikings, the Rams hired Liam Coen, formerly the quarterbacks coach for the Kentucky Wildcats and the offensive coordinator for that team for a single season, to fill the void.

The Rams’ positional coaches are crucial to the organisation because of their responsibility to develop late-round and undrafted rookies into starters in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams Awards Watch for the 2022 season

The Los Angeles Rams have always been led by their top players, and the way the team rebuilds ensures that they always have access to the most talented players in the NFL. This means that the Los Angeles Rams will have a number of players eligible for awards in the year 2022.

Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, MVP

Both Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp have legitimate MVP candidacies this year, though it may come down to a case of intra-team competition.

Stafford must have a passing season with over 5,000 yards, 45 touchdowns, and fewer than 15 interceptions to be taken seriously. These targets are realistic, given the talent of the Rams’ receiving corps and his experience running the team’s offence in his second season.

If Kupp reaches 2,000 receiving yards, it will be taken into account. Kupp was close to becoming the first player in NFL history to record such a feat, and had he played in all 17 games, he very well could have done it.

Aaron Donald, DPOTY // Cooper Kupp, OPOTY

Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp, both of the Los Angeles Rams, deserve serious consideration for NFL Defensive Player of the Year and NFL Offensive Player of the Year awards.

Defend yourselves! Consider what AD and Kupp accomplished in the previous year, then jump to the present.

Sean McVay, Coach of the Year

As for why Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay Despite Sean McVay’s consistent efforts to revamp the Rams’ personnel, playbook, and strategy, he is rarely considered for NFL Coach of the Year.

He is highly effective as a head coach in the NFL. Not only has he been productive, but he has a seemingly endless supply of potential NFL head coaches emerging from his coaching tree. Promoting coaches to not simply the position of head coach on other teams, but to the position of head coach on other teams who are likely to be successful.

Los Angeles Rams season prediction for 2022

  • 13-4 record
  • 1st place in NFC West
  • Win Super Bowl LVII

Despite suffering numerous injuries throughout the season, the Los Angeles Rams were able to win Super Bowl LVI. With any luck, the LA Rams’ recent rash of injuries will abate this year, and the team will be able to ride its core of starters well into the postseason.

Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, and even Van Jefferson, the Rams’ top three receivers, can each rack up 1000+ receiving yards. Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson Jr., and youngster Kyren Williams are counted on by the Rams’ running offence to produce just enough to keep the chains moving as a committee.

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