List of Komi-san Can’t Communicate Characters!

Komi-San Isn’t Able to Speak Fans of “Komi can’t Communicate” have been waiting for an anime adaptation for a very long time. The Anime Gods heard our cries and granted our requests. We were very anxious about the anime version of “Komi Can’t Communicate.” We were all anxious about Komi-portrayal sans in the anime. We were all in awe when we first saw Komi-san. Komi San is quite gorgeous. There is no way to portray her negatively.

Do we all have the potential to be Komi’s best friends? Everybody wants to be the lead character in their preferred anime. As long as we are close with Komi.san, we can appear as supporting characters in this anime. We’ll be discussing some of our favourite Komi can’t Communicate characters.

The focus of this anime isn’t Komi-san. The other characters in this anime are what help her get past her communication problems. Many of Komi-friends san is able to help her overcome communication barriers and forge close friendships. She is able to acquire more friends thanks to this. In this anime, they are the most adored characters.

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Komi-san Can’t Communicate Characters

The anime series Komi Can’t Communicate follows a little girl named Komi Shouko who has difficulty expressing herself verbally. Due to her extreme shyness, Komi is unable to make any kind of conversation. Komi’s goal of having a hundred pals remains an aspiration.

The romantic comedy animation is drawn from manga of the same name. You can also watch it on Netflix. The second season of the anime Komi cannot Communicate premiered in April 2022. Observing it grows ever more interesting. Why can’t the characters in Komi talk to each other? Take a look at this debate, shall we?

1. Agari Himiko

We’ve all seen people who were too nervous to perform. Persons who can’t seem to get their own confidence under check. I have a severe lack of stage presence and am hence terrified of performing in front of an audience.

Himiko Agari is a character who shares many similarities with her. She has a hard time dealing with social situations and worries excessively about strangers. She has a crush on our hero, Komi Shouko, in secret. It’s no surprise that the lads go crazy for her because she’s absolutely gorgeous.

2. Agari Matsuri

Here we have another person to whom we can all connect. Hisiko’s aunt is named Agari Mattsuri. Like Himiko, Matsuri is a bit of a prankster. The very thought of working with Matsuri sent shivers down the spines of her employees. What would you think?

3. Ase Shibuki

This one is really fascinating. One of the manga’s supporting characters, Ase Shibuki, offers humour. Ase worries a lot. Do you worry? her sense of self. She perspires a lot and worries that people will condemn her. Is this a problem that most individuals tend to have?

4. Baba Kingyo

Baba Kingyo is an individual. Her own phrase is “DAZRIGHT,” which she coined. She also revised Chapter 20 of the manga. These characters make a great addition to rom-com.

5. Chiarai Shigeo

One man discusses women. Don’t you think these are men we have all met in college or in school? Another minor character you won’t often encounter in the manga is Chiarai Shigeo. But in one passage, he is shown discussing girls with his friends. Chapter 77 of a manga.

Why do males think so poorly of women? It’s possible that they won’t perform any better. LOL! I’m a man, too!

6. Chusaku Komitani

another auxiliary figure! Another supporting figureNaruseshitoni had a friend named Chusaku Komitani. (A self-described champion, who is on the list later. The major thing Chuskau does for the plot is convincing Tadano Naruse that he’s not an evil guy. He is a supporting figure.

Komi-san Can’t Communicate Characters
Komi-san Can’t Communicate Characters

7. Emoyama Yuragi

This character has a lot of potentials. Despite being a supporting character, she has a pleasant demeanour. Emoyama keeps a watchful eye on her peers to absorb everything. I know, it’s kind of spooky!

The most well-known word associated with Emoyama is “Emo,” which he uses whenever it feels nice. E=mc2 is printed on a headband that belongs to Emoyama. Tadano Hirohito and Emoyama first met at a cultural event. On that day, Emoyama became unwell as a result of emotional overload. Chapter 232 of a manga.

8. Gorimi

Do you guys prefer weak beauty chicks or strong gorgeous ones? To me, they are both adorable and frail. They don’t appear to be lovely, yet they are.Gorimi is the High School’s Head Librarian and Discipline Officer. She is attractive and tough. She always has a fan in her bags. She punches people who are too loud at the library. She was even called up by the vice principal for giving Shoko excessive credit during the sporting event. Chapter 208 of a manga.

9. Ichou Setoka

Isn’t it great how student council presidents can accomplish so much? It’s no surprise that the president of the student council is also the one who puts forth the most effort. Well! Well! The student body is led by Ichou Setoka, who serves as president of the Student Council. She exemplifies all the qualities a student body president should have. In addition to being disorganised, she also places too much importance on trivial matters.

Since she was getting tired of standing, she demanded that the kids sit down by stealing the Vice Principal’s microphone.

10. Inaka Nokoko

Well! People from less-developed or rural areas often view themselves as inferior. I find them to be more prosperous and healthier than city dwellers.

Our female leader, Komishouko, counts Inaka Nokoko as a buddy. Inaka has Shouko in her heart and longs to move to the big metropolis. They look up to Shouko as a role model. On the school trip to Kyoto, she kept to herself and only spoke to the teacher due to her complicated personality. Ultimately, she realised that it didn’t matter much that she had an accent.

In reality, you should expect that. But there’s a catch!

11. Karisu Masa

Among the female characters, Komishouko stands out the most. Talking about Karisu Maa, her hairstylist comes naturally.Karisu has a unique skill that allows her to express her desires to Komi. Wow, that’s incredible.Karisu is highly qualified and experienced in her industry. Her patrons gush over the quality of her work. Do you agree that it adds a touch of adorableness?

12. Katai Makoto

Teenagers worry about being bullied at school and avoid going there as a result.

One of his classmates, Katai Makoto, is typical of those like him. When his high school first started, he was frightened to go there. His new fitness regimen included hair colour. After he did this, he was looked down upon as a criminal by society.

Like our heroine Komishouko, he has a feminine side. They can’t seem to find a common language. Despite its feelings for him, Katai respects Komi and regards him as its Komyu Master. Lmaoo!

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