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Hitch Aot
Hitch Aot

Who Is Hitch Aot Appearances And What Is The History?

The Stohess District is home to Hitch Dreyse ( Hitachi Doris? ), a soldier in the Military Police Regiment. She completed her training with the 104th Cadet Corps but did not serve in the same division as Eren Jaeger.

Hitch Aot Appearance

Hitch is a young, thin, white woman of medium height. She has a slim build, long eyelashes, and big, bright green eyes that frame an oval face. Her hair is a medium champagne color, and it is wavy and shaggy. She wears it in a chin-length cut with a cluster of bangs. Hitch’s standard uniform consists of a short, light brown jacket with the unicorn badges on each shoulder, on the front left pocket, and in the center back; a light green shirt, which is her personal preference; a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips; white pants; and dark brown knee-high leather boots.

Hitch Aot Personality

Hitch has signs of immaturity; she has a sardonic, easygoing disposition and seems to mischievously love tormenting and needling her fellow policemen. She says she joined the Military Police because she was lazy and wanted to take advantage of the system, although knowing full well that the senior staff is extremely corrupt. Unfortunately, she failed to anticipate that, as a new member, her superiors would dump all their work on her. Marlo states she joined the Military Police for respectable reasons, but Hitch bursts out laughing, implying that she did so for less than honorable motives. But she also says that she would have never joined the Military Police if she had known she would be responsible for all the administrative tasks, suggesting that she did something to deserve her position and that Boris was just being rude.

Hitch may appear to be absent-minded at times, but she has excellent hearing and saw Armin Arlelt listening to the water and aimed her rifle at him without hesitation. Hitch is not self-centered and has concern for her surroundings because, after being apprehended by the Scout Regiment, she openly blames Captain Levi for the deaths of citizens caused by the collapse of Wall Sina during Annie and Eren’s battle as Titans. She cares about her friends enough to put herself in harm’s way to try to rescue Marlo after she was captured by the Scouts.

A night before the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Annie Leonhart asks her roommate Hitch to fill in for her. Hitch finally agrees, but only if Annie agrees to do what he’s been assigned. Carly Stratmann, daughter of successful businessman Elliot G. Stratmann, is wanted by her father. Annie tells her that she is meeting a 15-meter Titan tomorrow because she thinks she is meeting a male tomorrow. Annie is making a horrible joke, in Hitch’s opinion.

Hitch takes the ferry into town later that day and compliments Annie for accepting her work as she walks past.

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Hitch teases Annie about sleeping in a few days following the 57th Scouting Mission, but Boris Feulner begs her to stop. The arrival of their superior cuts short their talk; they have been tasked with guarding the Scout Regiment escorts escorting Eren Jaeger through Stohess District today.

Hitch later joins her other troops in the courtyard to gripe about the heavy workload given to the fresh recruits. Hitch bursts into fits of laughter at Marlo Freudenberg’s ridiculous views when he begins to lecture the group and declares that he will be the one to fix up the MPs.

They are then spotted out on the streets, en route to their assigned stations for the day. After discovering that some of their bosses are selling off their equipment on the black market, Marlo travels to confront them. When they start hitting him severely, though, Hitch and Annie step in to help, and Hitch apologizes to them on Marlo’s behalf.

Stress is in ruins as Annie Leonhart and Eren begin their battle, and Hitch is seen on a rooftop with Marlo and her allies, wondering why Titans would be fighting inside of Wall Sina.

Clash of the Titans arc

Hitch and Marlo survey the destroyed houses and strewn bodies in Stohess following the fight between Eren and Annie. Hitch describes the lack of a “official” explanation for these deaths as the worst part.

Royal Government arc

Hitch and Marlo have been sent to the woods near Trost to look for wanted members of the Scout Regiment. Hitch begins to vent her anger about the events in the Stohess District when she is interrupted by a sound.

They encounter Armin Arlelt as he draws water from a nearby river, and they tell him to raise his hands in the air, but they end up falling into Arlelt’s trap. Micah and Levi spring an ambush on them, seizing their weapons and uniforms. Levi inquires as to their present status in the Military Police, and Hitch, still bitter over the Scouts’ involvement in the killing of his sister Annie, blames Levi and the entire Military section. Levi admits that Annie was the Titan in Stohess and gives orders for their release to a secluded location.

Jean Kirschtein takes them by the hand and says openly that he plans to kill them both because they pose a threat. Jean says this is his personal decision and that no one else is aware of it as Marlo frantically pleads that Levi would not want them dead. Next, Jean tries to stab them, but she falls and drops her knife. Jean and Marlo wrestle for possession of the knife while Hitch rushes away. The hitch comes back with a branch and hits Jean in the head with it. After missing him the first time, Hitch goes to punch him again, but Marlo stops her, explaining that Jean was just testing them.

It is decided that Squad Levi will attack the Interior Brigade Compound, so Hitch and Marlo lead the squad there.

Hitch goes to the coronation of Historia Reiss as queen after the military overthrows the previous government.

Hitch Aot
Hitch Aot

Following the coup, Marlo enlists in the Scout Regiment to help reclaim Shiganshina District. Marlo scolds Hitch for trying to dissuade him from participating in the coup, even though Hitch assures her that he will be OK with the awards he will receive for his participation.

Return to Shiganshina arc

Hitch, now awake, sits on the edge of her bed and watches out her dorm room window as Eren listens to Armin Arlelt’s strategy for defeating the Colossal Titan. She is concerned about Marlo and doubts that the mission to recover Wall Maria and humanity’s country will be successful.

Hitch goes to a ceremony to celebrate the success of the Scout Regiment and to see the remaining Scouts get awards and recognition for their service. But after learning from Floch what happened in Marlo’s final moments, she is emotionally and visually distraught.

Hitch Aot Abilities:

Hitch has never been depicted in a fighting situation, hence her exact powers are unclear. Boris Feulner implies that she does not possess the requisite skills to have been accepted into the Military Police through ethical means.

Marlo Freudenberg: Both Hitch and Marlo were complete opposites to each other. Marlo was a serious and passionate individual, while Hitch was more of a free spirit and would often poke fun at him for being so morally uptight. Despite this, Hitch has shown genuine concern for Marlo by, for example, trying to dissuade her from joining the Scout Regiment on the mission to retake Shiganshina out of concern for his safety after she angrily fought Jean when Jean threatened him. Hitch was visibly upset after learning that Marlo had perished during the trip.

Annie Leonhart: Despite sharing a room and being on the same squad in Stohess District, Annie and Hitch never became particularly close because of their contrasting personalities. Annie is reserved and serious, while Hitch is gregarious and carefree. Hitch found Annie tiresome because of her gloomy and antisocial view of life.

He would often tease Annie in an effort to get a rise out of her, but all she ever did was respond apathetically with sarcasm. But after Annie vanished after the Stohess District battle, Hitch became resentful of the Scout Regiment, blaming them for his missed opportunity to get to know Annie better because he assumed she had been killed. The revelation that Annie was actually the Female Titan who caused the destruction in Wall Sina stunned and brought Hitch’s world into sharp focus.

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