How Does Tsunade Die In Naruto? Who Killed Tsunade?

Tsunade’s death is a common topic of inquiry from Naruto’s fanbase. Some of the audience is quite interested in the possibility of lady Tsunade’s death. Don’t keep us waiting; instead, read on to find out the answer.

Tsunade has always been alive in the Boruto canon, the Naruto canon, and the Naruto: Shippuden canon. Because she is present during Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, we know that she is still very much alive and well. After Pain invaded the community, she nearly died several times and went into a coma on several occasions, but she survived.

Does Tsunade Die Against Madara?

The other time was during the Fourth Great Ninja War when she squared off against Madara Uchiha. Madara prevailed in the battle against the five Kages, but Tsunade managed to stay alive.

She survived the slash that ran through her body in two places. So, she made it through two near-death experiences and is still going strong in the Naruto canon.

Tsunade appears to be a stunning twentysomething woman if you are seeing her for the first time. In truth, she is a woman in her fifties who has experienced significant trauma and bears the wounds of her experience.

Tsunade played on a team with Jiraiya and Orochimaru while they were all in Hiruzen’s class. There is a strong link between her and the first three Hokage, but she despises being in charge.

All the more so when her younger brother Nawaki Senju and her love interest Dan Kato both sacrifice their lives so that she can become Hokage.

She hopes that by presenting Nawaki Senju with the necklace, she can help him achieve his goal of becoming Hokage. Unfortunately, Nawaki passes away the following day during the Second Shinobi World War.

While Dan Kato is telling her his ambitions to become Hokage, she gives him the same jewelry. During the war, she is also unable to save Dan. Dan’s death from massive bleeding leads to Tsunade’s development of hemophobia.

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Tsunade Regains Faith

After seeing Naruto Uzumaki, who has never given up on his goal of becoming Hokage, she is given hope that it is possible to achieve a goal despite setbacks.

Tsunade becomes the Fifth Hokage and accepts the position to safeguard Konohagakure.

She is acting on behalf of her departed loved one who is still alive. Afterward, she chooses Sakura to be her apprentice, same as Jiraiya chose Naruto and Orochimaru chose Sasuke.

Tsunade Death Episode

Princess Tsunade was never killed off, not even as a filler. That means it won’t be killing off any characters anytime soon. The period of her coma following Pain’s entrance is commonly misunderstood.

Lady Tsunade Death
Lady Tsunade Death

However, Tsunade did not pass away; rather, she was worn out from using her healing powers to defend the rest of the tribe. She subsequently entered a coma. But she didn’t actually perish at all. That means Tsunade won’t be killed off in any tragic episode.

Who Does Tsunade Marry?

Unlike other nobles, Lady Tsunade never ties the knot. Orochimaru was the object of her affection, but he was not interested in a romantic relationship. Dan was her soul mate, but he was killed in combat.

Once Jiraiya returns from his final mission, Tsunade will follow him because she has developed feelings for him.

Does Tsunade Have A Child?

Unfortunately, Tsunade did not get married or have any children. But there are some unfounded fan theories that suggest Minato is her offspring. Furthermore, there is zero proof that the 5th Hokage is a father.

Final Words:

Tsunade’s attendance at Naruto’s wedding serves as visual proof that she is still very much alive. Similarly, many people wonder if/when Tsunade would retire. To answer your question, Kakashi is the 6th Hokage after her retirement. Eventually, she goes off to a serene retreat.

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