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It’s astonishing how the Pokémon franchise, which began as a small-scale Game Boy RPG, has grown into one of the most successful media franchises of all time. While the series’ fundamental tenets haven’t changed much in all those years, the expanding Pokémon universe has, and that’s what ensures the franchise’s continued success.

Blastoise Packs A Lot Of Power But Is Still A Squirtle At Heart

If you choose Squirtle as your first starter Pokémon in Generation 1, you’ll see it evolve into the hardy and useful Blastoise. The massive Water-type Pokémon is armed with effective water cannons and undoubtedly attracts attention due to its size and the respect it commands.

Blastoise’s Water-Type attacks can cause a lot of damage, yet the Pokémon is still really a nice guy at heart. Fostered and developed Pokémon have a special bond with their trainers that is lacking in wild-caught monsters of comparable strength.

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Generation 1’s Legendary Bird Trio Still Have A Softness To Them

Given that new variants of rare Pokémon such as Legendary, Pseudo-Legendary, and Mythical are created with each new game, the distinction between them has lost part of its prestige. There are now dozens of Legendaries to choose from, but Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, and everything they symbolize, are held in particularly high esteem by Pokémon trainers of Generation 1.

There is no denying that, alongside Mewtwo, these three Pokémon are among Kanto’s most formidable animals, but the exquisiteness of the Bird-type Pokémon in each of them is undeniable. More often than not, they serve as symbols of hope than do of doom.

Alakazam Holds A Deceptive Front That’s Easy To Get Lost In

Although many Pokémon possess impressive raw strength, the very idea of Psychic-Type Pokémon is deeply unsettling and something that should be viewed as a greater threat in the Pokémon universe. Alakazam is the ultimate form of Abra and Kadabra; it possesses superior Psychic-Type abilities to those of its predecessors and has the potential to seriously brainwash a Pokémon trainer into believing they are the Pokémon.

Though it has a reputation for being extremely dangerous, Alakazam has a peculiar endearing quality that makes it hard to resist. Perhaps the Pokémon’s psychic abilities are having an effect.

Gengar’s Mischief Makes Him A Powerful Poltergeist That’s Hard To Hate

There are a lot of Pokémon that have gotten bad reviews over the years, and Ghost-Type Pokémon tend to get the worst of it. Ghost Pokémon provide for some of the most unsettling entries in the Pokédex, with Generation 1’s Gengar serving as the generation’s most spectral pinnacle.

The Pokémon Gengar is both useful and dangerous, although its fun personality makes it seem less so than it actually is. The Pokémon Gengar has the ability to distort his appearance in ways that make his trainers doubt their sense of sight.

Aerodactyl Lets Early Pokémon Trainers Play Jurassic Park

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