Armored Titan
Armored Titan

Who Is The Current Armored Titan?

Marley’s critique on Reiner’s “Armored Titan”It was one of the Nine Titans, and it was called the Armored Titan because its skin was like armored plates.


Armored skin

The hardened skin segments that covered the whole body of the Armored Titan were its defining characteristic. All save the most devastating attacks, such as a direct blow from a cannon, the ultrahard steel blades of vertical maneuvering equipment, and the Colossus Titan’s cataclysmic transformation were rendered harmless by the Titan’s armor.

The armor had its limitations, however, and could not safeguard the wearer from devastating weapons like the anti-Titan artillery used by the Mid-East Allied Forces. The Titan’s armor could be employed defensively against attacks or offensively against his targets.

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The Armored Titan’s skin was obviously fearsome, but its slowness was its greatest shortcoming. The Armored Titan could only run at a mediocre pace when fully armored, for reasons that are unclear. To get around this, the Titan’s amazing speed might be unlocked by removing the armor from certain areas, such as the area behind the knees.

A less well-known drawback was that the holder of the Founding Titan could force the Armored Titan’s solid skin to crumble away to nothing if they so chose, leaving the Titan prone and highly vulnerable to damage. However, it seemed that this just applied to the transformed body at the moment, since a subsequent transformation into the Armored Titan revealed that the Titan had been restored with its namesake armor.


The Armored Titan could use crystal-like hardening around its body, just as the Female Titan. With this power, the Armored Titan could also grow claws on its hands and feet, allowing it to easily scale the Wall of Shiganshina District.


Like the other members of the Nine Titans, the Armored Titan was born following Ymir Fritz’s demise. After her death, the Armored Titan was kept by one of the competing Eldian households that had been subordinate to the Founding Titan for most of the preceding 1,700 years. The Armored Titan was captured by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War, seventeen centuries after Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz line, fled the battles of Eldia and migrated to Paradis Island.

Armored Titan
Armored Titan

The Armored Titan’s strength was passed down to Reiner Braun in the year 843. Later, when Marley was at war with another nation, he transformed into a Titan and used his Armored Titan form to soak up the incoming artillery fire.

At the outset of the Paradis Island Operation in 845, the nation of Marley dispatched Reiner, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard across the ocean to the island of Paradis.

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