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Edward Eric Girlfriend
Edward Eric Girlfriend

Edward Eric Girlfriend: Winry Rockbell Appearance, Personality, Relationship & More Details!

Winry Rockbell, also known by the Japanese name Uinr Rokkuberu, is a significant supporting figure in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

As the granddaughter of Pinako Rockbell, a well-known mechanic and surgeon in her childhood, and the daughter of Yuriy Rockbell and Sarah Rockbell, two surgeons who worked on the Ishval Civil War, Winry is a trainee surgeon and mechanical repair specialist/enthusiast.

She is a Resembool native who was Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric’s best friend when they were young. As Edward’s personal automail engineer and mechanic, Winry also assists him by ensuring that his prosthetic left leg and right arm are constantly in good working order.

Winry Rockbell Appearance

In the narrative, Winry is depicted as sporting several outfits. Her long light blonde hair reaches her hips, falls long on the front, and has a fringe that is pointed to the left. She has pale skin, large dark blue eyes, and long light blonde hair. Her hair is typically pulled back in a lengthy ponytail. Despite being straight, her hair is frequently portrayed as being wavy in various manga and anime illustrations.

Winry typically wears a beige (occasionally depicted as green) jumpsuit that is adjusted to the waist and tucked in, revealing a black tube top when she is working as an engineer. She also has her hair pulled back in a long ponytail and is wearing ordinary sandals, a green kerchief to cover her fringe, and brown gloves.

Winry is depicted wearing a black zipped crop top with a white stripe down the middle after relocating to Rush Valley to work with Garfield. Winry has two matching pairs of hoop earrings on each earlobe and two additional cuff studs worn vertically on her right ear, above the others, as part of her avant-garde ear piercing.

She is depicted in Rush Valley wearing a white blouse tucked into a dark blue blazer, a dark blue skirt, and bow-tie boots. She occasionally appears sans the jacket.

Winry is depicted with her hair down, a pink jacket, a black blouse, and blue jeans after the Promised Day. With a more mature face and appearance in the anime version, Winry physically ages more than she does in the manga up until the very last chapter. She is shown after the series with her hair down, with a white jacket over a long magenta dress, blue pants, and light sandals.

Winry Rockbell Personality

Winry is upbeat, determined, vivacious, bubbly, hot-headed, and sympathetic. She loves everything about mechanics and auto emails and always gives her all in her work. She also cares deeply about and is always willing to assist her patients. Edward frequently refers to her as an “engineering otaku” or a “mad gearhead” because of her love for and extensive knowledge of auto emails, and she invariably responds by calling him an “otaku alchemist.”

She frequently wields her wrench as a weapon since she detests it when Ed breaks her automail, which causes Ed and Al to worry about her wrath. Winry, who is devoted to both her work and her friends, works tirelessly on the various auto emails whose upkeep she performs for the benefit of the people who depend on her, even going so far as to attend numerous back-to-back overnight workshop sessions and make long trips without hesitation to ensure their prompt and proper completion. Winry, despite her good intentions, may be obstinate and direct, frequently calling out others’ flaws and misconceptions, but she also provides emotional support to her friends when they require it.

She has a strong moral compass and deep respect for her parents, who tragically perished in the war for doing what was right. After learning that Scar killed her parents, she initially wanted to kill him, but she subsequently changed her mind because her parents had previously saved him, even though it is obvious that she will never forgive him. Since she lost her parents when she was a child, Winry has always hated being left alone by the Elrics and worried that she may lose them. She also has abandonment issues.

She also detested seeing her two closest pals bear the brunt of their errors by themselves. As soon as Ling Yao says that Alphonse no longer needs a human body because he is immortal, Winry becomes furious and storms out of the room because she is aware of the emotional pain Alphonse had after losing his body.

Although Edward jokingly refers to her as a “crybaby,” she is extremely compassionate, empathic, and sensitive, and is frequently seen crying or acting out in front of people. She does not have a problem expressing her emotions. Additionally, Winry detests getting angry or disappointed with herself and putting her companions in danger or awkward circumstances [1].

Because of her upbeat and bubbly demeanour, Winry is admired by others who find her to be attractive and nice, to the point that they appear to briefly fall in love with her. Patients prefer Winry over Garfield to care for them because they appreciate her and respect her abilities. Despite being honest about her reasons for rejecting Alphonse as a child, she is frequently depicted as being uninterested in the subject of love.

She is also open about the fact that she has romantic feelings for Edward and is seen taunting him when he awkwardly recognises that he feels the same way. She is seen being agitated when Edwards confesses to her at the end of the series, despite this.

Winry Rockbell Relationship

Edward Elric – When she was eleven years old, Winry took on the role of his automail mechanic and built him complex replacement limbs when he lost his right arm and left leg. Since that time, Winry has been Ed’s constant source of support, both mechanically and emotionally, albeit their many arguments are still caused by their respective stubborn and obstinate dispositions. This friendly animosity, meanwhile, seems to be concealing a closer bond.

Even though Edward hasn’t publicly admitted to having emotions for Winry, he is somewhat too protective of her and gets uncomfortably upset at the mere idea of them having an amorous connection. Winry, on the other hand, has acknowledged to herself that she had been drawn to him from the beginning.

Winry acknowledges Edward’s repeated statements that he despises seeing Winry cry and that he always blames himself when it does, and she makes a pledge to him that she won’t shed another tear of grief. At the end of the series, when Edward asks her to marry him, they employ The Law of Equivalent Exchange to finally confess to one another. They get married in 1917, and the Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle (Official Guide) depicts both an unnamed girl and son among their many offspring.

Alphonse Elric—Alphonse seems to be the younger sibling Winry has always wished for. Al mentions the argument Edward and he had over who would marry her, but Winry doesn’t seem to have thought those sentiments were all that strong because she is very casual about how she turned down both of her brothers’ advances at the time. Winry, however, appears to be the only person except for Edward who is most impacted by Al’s illusory condition as a soul attached to a set of armour. Despite the occasional scepticism some have regarding Al’s humanity, she also appears to accept him without hesitation. She publicly weeps for Al’s suffering while also acting as a defender and protector of his humanity.

Edward Eric Girlfriend
Edward Eric Girlfriend

Pinako Rockbell – Winry has always had a close relationship with her grandmother, even before her parents passed away during the Ishval Civil War. However, since the catastrophe that struck the Rockbell homestead, Pinako has been Winry’s only caregiver and closest, if not only, a blood relative.

The two get along reasonably well, occasionally making fun of one another as they work together to manage their automail atelier, but their connection will always be that of a loving grandma and devoted grandson. Pinako frets quietly that the bigger world will be too harsh for her little Winry when she eventually embarks on her path as an automail engineer, but she is incredibly pleased with the young woman when she sees and hears proof of her development. In contrast, Winry worries about leaving her grandmother alone and keeps in touch with her frequently, even though she is aware that Resembool will always be able to accommodate her if necessary.

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The family Hughes When Winry first visits Central City, she almost accidentally runs across Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes. Maes eagerly welcomes Winry into his social circle and virtually drags her to his daughter Elicia Hughes’ third birthday celebration. She bonds with Maes’ wife Gracia Hughes, who occasionally gives the teenage girl motherly advice while teaching her to bake, and with tiny Elicia, who immediately starts to think of Winry as an elder sister. Winry maintains a tight relationship with Gracia and Elicia after Maes’s passing, feeling nearly familial.

Winry Rockbell Abilities

Winry is an extremely talented and dedicated mechanic who excels at fixing machines of varying degrees of complexity. Of course, creating and updating automail prostheses is her genuine passion and area of greatest expertise. Winry has been working with automail for the majority of her youth and can be regarded as a bit of a machining prodigy, having made Edward a complicated pair of limbs at the juvenile age of eleven.

She was raised under the supervision of her grandmother, master automail engineer Pinako Rockbell. Since then, her abilities have grown to the point where she has exceeded even her grandmother, who was once renowned as the “Pantheress of Resembool,” and she has become rather well-known for her work at the Atelier Garfiel in Rush Valley.

As a result of growing up in a family of surgeons, Winry also seems to have a surprising depth of medical knowledge for her age (despite having received no official training). Edward comment that Winry’s early understanding of complex medical literature is comparable to the Elric brothers’ early knowledge of alchemical texts. In the 2009 anime, she delivered Ridel and Satella’s child successfully, further demonstrating her medical skills.

She has also demonstrated an extremely powerful throwing arm, being able to throw heavy wrenches a long far with deadly accuracy. Gracia Hughes teaches Winry how to bake during her first visit to Central City, and as the series goes on, Winry gains proficiency in baking pies, particularly apple pies.

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