Bigg Boss 16 Release Date
Bigg Boss 16 Release Date

Bigg Boss 16 Release Date: Who All Are Coming in Bigg Boss 16?

Bigg Boss, the most anticipated show on Colors TV, will return shortly with a brand new season. Bigg Boss Season 16 will be produced this year after the success of Season 15 in 2017.

Bigg Boss 16 Start Date

Bigg Boss Season 16 is expected to premiere in the first week of October 2022; however, a confirmed date has yet to be announced by the show’s producers. The show’s organizers will, of course, announce the final date in the coming months.

Bigg Boss 16 Timing

The show’s daily airing on Colors TV is consistent with previous years. If the station doesn’t change the show’s schedule, it should air around these times.

Bigg Boss 16 Telecast Channel And App

Fans of television may see new episodes every week on Color TV. The show will also be streamed on the Voot app, so you can watch it on your phone whenever it’s convenient for you.

Bigg Boss 16 Release Date
Bigg Boss 16 Release Date

Bigg Boss 16 Host

The 16th season of Bigg Boss will premiere on television this year. It’s taken a while, but it finally looks like Salman Khan will be the show’s permanent presenter.

Since the show’s fourth season in 2010, the celebrity host has presided over each episode. With this pattern in place, it is safe to assume that Salman Khan will once again host Bigg Boss for Season 16.

Bigg Boss 16 Contestant List

A lot of people are waiting with bated breath to find out who will be on Bigg Boss Season 16. But Bigg Boss’s producers have kept the show’s premise and cast a secret so far.

Many viewers anticipate a cast consisting mainly of celebrities, with a smattering of commoners, as in Bigg Boss Season 10. Once promotion for Bigg Boss begins, however, the format and list of contestants will be public knowledge.

Bigg Boss 16 Prize Money

Given the lack of consistency in the show’s prize money, it’s tough to make educated guesses about the amount of money up for grabs in Bigg Boss 16 so early on. However, the total prize money awarded decreased from the first season to the sixth. Bigg Boss’s first winner, Rahul Roy, took home a cool Rs. 1 crore. However, beginning with Season 7, the prize money was cut in half, to Rs. 50 lakhs.

Bigg Boss 15’s winner, Tejaswi Prakash, took home Rs. 40 lakhs after another participant, Nishant Bhat, left the program with the cash prize of Rs. 10 lakhs.

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