Baby Steps Season 3
Baby Steps Season 3

Baby Steps Season 3 Release Date: How Many Seasons Are There in Baby Steps?

Tennis aficionados should not miss Studio Pierrot’s best tennis animation of the decade. Many fans have been waiting a very long time for the third season of Baby Steps. However, there are rumours the planned sequel may be abandoned.

The big question is whether or if it will return. As for the future of this uplifting anime, who can say? This is in peril, but might public backing help save it? Since this is the case, we have developed a FAQ covering all of your most pressing concerns.

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What Do Fans Think About Baby Steps Season 3?

Studio Pierrot’s third season has not yet been renewed or cancelled. Nobody from the studio has addressed the worries voiced by viewers about the show’s future.

There have been rumours that the anime may be cancelled in its entirety. The biggest offender here is the abrupt end of the source material. Despite strong 2017 sales, Kodansha decided to cease publication of The Baby Steps.

One MAL user opined that the mangaka Hikaru Katsuki’s dismissal from the publisher was unwarranted. – In response, one user explained why the manga was dropped by Weekly Shonen.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the novel was not completed and yet had enough untapped potential to keep readers engaged for at least another few years. Fans of Baby Steps are stunned by the show’s unexpected cancellation, despite the lack of any official confirmation so far.

Baby Steps Season 3 Renewal Updates

Baby Steps Season 2 is as likely to return now as it was when the manga ended. Studios often create anime versions of their properties as a means of promoting the originals. Right as sales of the manga were at their height, the second season of Baby Steps was given the go-ahead. Without proper advertising, it will be hard to secure producers for Season 3 of Baby Steps.

Baby Steps Season 3
Baby Steps Season 3

Not that there is no chance of Season 2 being picked up. Pierrot or another studio may take the plunge if enough people express interest in a sequel. Therefore, the third season of Baby Steps is still feasible.

Baby Steps Season 3 Release Date

Studio Pierrot and the other companies engaged in making the anime have not given their blessing to the third season. Even if the show is promptly renewed, new episodes may still be several years away. The most likely date of release at this time is 2023.

Is there going to be a season three of “Baby Steps?” Tell us about some of the best episodes from past seasons. In the space provided below, we invite you to share your thoughts.

The careful and precise honour student Eiichiro Maruo is planning to increase his fitness routine in his free time since he is worried about his health. After reading a flier advertising the Southern Tennis Club during his freshman year, Johnny decides to join.

During his free trial at the club, first-year student Natsu Takasaki introduces him to her fellow freshmen. Natsu has big dreams of making it as a professional tennis player.

Baby Steps Season 3 Cast

  • Ed O’Neill. Jay Pritchett. Sofía Vergara. …
  • Julie Bowen. Claire Dunphy. Ty Burrell. …
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Mitchell Pritchett. Eric Stonestreet. …
  • Sarah Hyland. Haley Marshall. Ariel Winter. …
  • Nolan Gould. Luke Dunphy. …
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Lily Tucker-Pritchett. …
  • Reid Ewing. Dylan Marshall. …
  • Wendie Malick. Audrey Beckman.

Baby Steps Season 3 Trailer

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