Who is the Main Protagonist in the Executioner And Her Way Of Life?

Mato Sato and Nilitsu’s Japanese yuri light novel series The Executioner Girl’s Way of Life (Virgin Road)[a] is well-known internationally. As of this writing (April 2019), SB Creative has published seven volumes under the GA Bunko label. Since June 2020, a manga adaptation illustrated by Ryo Mitsuya has been serialised in Square Enix’s seinen manga magazine Young Gangan. There are three tank on volumes dedicated to it. In North America, Yen Press is responsible for licencing the light novel and manga. A J.C.Staff-created anime TV series based on this material aired for 12 episodes from April to June of 2022.



Ancient nomads from a parallel Earth named “Japan” brought with them unfathomable “Pure Concepts” of power. They established a highly developed civilization influenced heavily by Japanese culture in this new land, and it flourished for a while. But it was found that over time, the Lost Ones would lose control of their Pure Concepts, resulting in worldwide destruction.

The Sword of Salt turned the entire Western continent into salt, and it is slowly melting into the sea; the Pandaemonium is a fog-like dead zone in the Southern archipelago from which monsters regularly emerge; the Mechanical Society controls the wild frontier in the East; and the Starhusk carved out the centre of the Northern continent and set it on fire.

The Faust, a caste of society’s Church members, have instituted rigorous regulations around the summoning of Lost Ones in an effort to avert future disasters of this nature. Members of the Faust called Executioners use magic (etheric powers) to silently eliminate any remaining Lost Ones.


King Grisarika of the Noblesse cast the lot of a Lost One named Akari Tokit into his hands, and now it is up to the top-tier Executioner Menou to kill him. She is unsuccessful, however, and comes to understand that Akari has the Pure Concept of Time and may thus undo her own death. Menou, shocked and terrified, takes Akari with her on a mission to find a means to murder her.



A young priestess who has made a career out of eliminating potential threats from the Lost Ones. She knows that most of the Lost Ones she kills are blameless bystanders, but her training insists that they must be eliminated since their Pure Concepts would lead to their downfall if allowed to flourish. In her dreams, she had already met Akari in Japan, and now that they’ve finally met, she acts as her escort while secretly plotting her murder.

Young Menou was one of only a handful of people who escape the Sword of Salt. The incident and the resulting shock, however, “bleached” her spirit, turning her into an ineffectual shell. The current Chief Executioner, Flare, found her and took her under her wing as an apprentice, affectionately referred to as a “Flarette.” Menou, in her role as an Executioner, is completely in control of her ether and typically employs a knife.

Akari Tokitō

A high school kid from Japan who King Grisarika had to forcibly bring to this planet. Because [Time] is her Pure Concept, she can manipulate it in any way she pleases, including reversing time on the fly to bring herself back from the dead.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life
The Executioner and Her Way of Life

She is shown as being awkward and absent-minded at first, but ultimately endearing and trustworthy, which is why she trusted Menou immediately at their first meeting, thinking that their chance meeting was predestined. In reality, Akari has caused the world to go back in time several times to stop Menou from dying, each time wiping out her memories and leaving behind only a feeling of déjà vu. She has strong feelings for Menou.


In Menou’s employ, she is a young priestess who helps out. She does reconnaissance, provides disguises, and helps Menou in battles, among other things, that she may need help with throughout a mission. Since they were little, she has had a crush on Menou, thus the hair ribbons he gave her are quite special. Momo’s jealousy at Menou and Akari’s growing closeness grows as he orders her to keep her presence secret from the latter. Momo, like Menou, is adept with a wire saw and has a firm grasp on her ether.


Princess Grisarika of the Warrior Clan. Ashuna is a brash and fearless warrior who places no value on her nobility or her position, and who instead actively seeks out powerful opponents to fight. For combat, she employs a massive blade that she can imbue with etheric flames.


A famous priestess who slew a great number of Lost Ones and was known for her mastery in the arcane arts. Flare took in an orphaned Menou girl after she rescued her from a Lost One.


One of the Church’s highest ranking clergy members. Orwell is Menou’s superior and originally gives her the order to capture Akari and bring her to the capital city of Garm for her execution. Eventually, Menou learns that Orwell, worn out and disillusioned after years of duty, has been kidnapping young girls to steal their youth and plans to use Akari to turn back the clock on herself. However, when she uses Akari’s Pure Concept to prematurely age Orwell, her plot backfires and she is ultimately slain by Menou.


One of the two high school students that King Grisarika forcibly brought to this planet together with Akari. Given that his Pure Concept is [Null], he has the power to entirely destroy any material object. Menou had him assassinated so that he couldn’t abuse his newfound authority.

Manon Libelle

An offspring of the Lost One Count Libelle, who rules the city of the same name as his family. Manon grew up despising herself and wanting to end her life because she was never able to acquire her mother’s skills. She now heads a radical organisation called The Fourth, whose members see themselves as a “liberated” underclass. She seems sweet and innocent on the surface, but she actually has a taste for merciless murder. She is like an elder sister in secret to Pandaemonium, whose blood she uses to create poisonous tablets. She ultimately sacrificed herself by calling upon Pandmonium.


It turns out she’s a Lost One from more than a few hundred years ago, albeit she seems no older than ten. One of the Four Major Human Errors today may be traced back to her because her Pure Concept is [Chaos], which gave her the power to create and master creatures. Pandaemonium acts like a helpless little girl since she has been fully corrupted by her Pure Concept. Manon uses her blood to create poison pills.

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