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I Kept Pressing the 100 Million
I Kept Pressing the 100 Million

I Kept Hitting The Button For 100 Million Years And Came Out on Top!

Starting in February of this year, it has been serialised on the online novel publishing platform Shsetsuka ni Naru, where users contribute content. The series has been available in print via Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label as of October 2019. Since February 2020, you may read a serialised digital adaptation of the manga, illustrated by Shid Yuutar, on the Young Ace Up website of manga publisher Kadokawa Shoten. In North America, Yen Press is responsible for licencing the light novel and manga.

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Allen Rodol is on the verge of failing out of Grand Swordcraft Academy despite his best efforts. To make matters worse, the class prodigy has challenged him to a duel in which he must win or be expelled. On the night before his duel, however, a mysterious hermit gives him a button that, when touched, will transport him to an alternate universe and grant him a hundred million years to prepare for the fight. Despite his misgivings, Allen hits the button, and once he sees the result, he keeps pressing it. With over a billion years of continuous training, the “Reject Swordsman” is finally ready to reveal his true potential.


Allen Rodol 

Allen, also known as “Reject Swordsman,” is a young man of fifteen years old, with jet-black hair and keen brown eyes. No matter how much he tried, his peers and teachers always rejected him. His mother had worked very hard to pay for him and get him enrolled in school, so that was the only reason he could bear being treated in such a way.

Allen is usually a cool customer, but he lost his cool when Dodriel Barton made derogatory comments about his parents, leading to their duel. While practising with his sword, Allen ran into a weird old man who introduced himself as the Hermit of Time and gave him a curious button that sent him to a world where he could spend a million years training for the upcoming duel. Allen is going to keep pressing the button until he has trained for a hundred million years. As a result of his growth in skill and stature, he is invited to join the elite “Thousand Blade Academy.”

Lia Vesperia

Lia is the Vesteria Kingdom’s princess and the current host to Fafnir, the Primordial Dragon King. The High King Style is the school with which she is associated. At the Thousand Blade Academy, where she is a student, she and Allen Rodol became roommates when the latter won a duel in which the loser was obligated to obey the victor.

I Kept Pressing the 100 Million
I Kept Pressing the 100 Million

Her long, blonde hair is wrapped into twin tails with a wine-red ribbon, and she has a more voluptuous shape, clear blue eyes, and snow white skin for a girl of fifteen. It’s possible that her sheltered upbringing contributed to her being fiery, hot-blooded, and quick to anger, as she was shown shouting with Allen after he walked in on her while she was getting dressed and even going so far as to want him to tarnish as her slave. Once they’ve cleared the air, she begins to open up to him and treat him with kindness. Since meeting Allen, she has developed deep affections for him and is incredibly feminine and direct with him.

Rose Valencia

The 17th authentic descendant of the secret art of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style, Rose is also a bounty hunter. She’s only fifteen, but she carries herself with the grace and poise of a much older woman; she has a slim figure, bright red eyes, and long, wavy pink and silver hair that reaches down the back of her neck. Despite her reputation as a genius, Rose is liked and respected by the people in her community because she is calm and collected.

When it comes to swordsmanship, she is a firm believer in practise and dedication, but she doesn’t look down on Allen because he developed his own style on his own. Rose is usually very patient and quiet, and she rarely gets angry. She has a strong moral compass and will fight to the death to protect the defenceless and uphold justice.

Her interactions with Allen and Lia reveal a fiercely competitive nature and a fiery fighting spirit beneath her cool and serene façade. Her inability to get up and going first thing in the morning means she’s always a little slow to class until she fully awakes, which is her worst flaw. Rose has, like Lia, acquired intense affections for Allen, to the point where she acts inconsistently when he compliments her.

Reia Lasnote

She leads the “Thousand Blade Academy,” one of the city’s five academies. She is shrewd and will use any advantage available to her. Even though she is a trickster, Reia isn’t very bright or articulate. Back when Reia was young, a huge criminal organisation known as “Scarlet Rain” damaged a swordsman who could be considered a close friend of hers. When she found out, she rushed the organization’s headquarters by herself in a fit of pique over the warnings of her friends and family. Thus, the Scarlet Rain, with which the Holy Knights had struggled for years, was eradicated in a single night. Considered a heroic deed by many, it is one of the best known acts in Reia’s life.

Shido Jukurius

Since he was just five years old when they first met, Ferris has looked out for the orphaned boy who was born in the ghetto. Since then, he’s become a bit mischievous as a result of Ferris’ too permissive parenting, but the boy will always have his father’s undying love and support. To Ferris, whom he addresses as Miss, for raising him, Shido is indebted much. He has acute hearing and can pick up on even a frigid, quiet voice. Someone making fun of him will make him very upset, and he will not hesitate to kill that person.

Dodriel Barton

A member of the Baron Barton family, he is the eldest son. His attitude is that of a spoiled brat who thinks the world of himself and everyone underneath him. His blue hair is long and hanging behind him. He formerly viewed Allen Rodol with contempt and considered him a Failed Person. Dueling with Allen left him with badly damaged blue hair, which he hid under his handsome chin. In addition, his handsome face was marred by a wide scar made by a sword.

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