Rent-a-girlfriend Manga Box Set 1 : How Much Does the Manga Rent-a-Girlfriend Cost?

When it premiered in 2020, Rent-a-Girlfriend immediately became a hit among anime fans. Although Rent-a-Girlfriend is his most well-known work, Reiji Miyajima has written and illustrated several other manga series. He worked on another anime as well. This program is likely to please viewers who like the Rent-a-Girlfriend franchise because it is a spinoff of one of the wackiest idol series in anime.

In the year 2020, the band’s popularity in Japan had grown significantly. Even though several original members had gone and been replaced by new ones, the band continued to enjoy widespread success. To further their success, the company behind them has begun producing manga and anime series. Assisting the project as a whole was Reiji Miyajima. Similarly to the well-known anime writer Chiaki Nagai, he was in charge of the series’ composition. The entire show was animated by the acclaimed A-1 Pictures.

A fresh origin story for the group is presented in the 22/7 anime. Miu Takigawa, the protagonist, is a quiet and reticent young woman who works part-time at a convenience shop to help out her family.

But when she gets a letter from the production business GIP, her world is thrown upside down. A simple letter explaining Miu’s selection to participate in a secret project. She goes to the meetup spot, rather bewildered, only to discover several other girls already there.

These young women are spirited away to a top-secret location, where they are informed they will soon make their debut as an idol group on a big musical company. When the girls learn they must do whatever The Wall commands them to do, the strangeness only increases. Even though they have no prior idol experience, the girls must buckle down and get ready for their debut performances.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga Box Set 1

Miu finds this particularly challenging because her introverted nature prevents her from stepping up to the challenge. She goes through a lot of culture shock because of the differences between her former life and the world of idols.

All the usual idol hilarity and sadness are present in 22/7 as the girls learn to perform as a team and connect over their shared experiences. In contrast to other idol anime series, 22/7 is notable because of the aforementioned Wall. Differentiating it from previous idol anime is the show’s fast incorporation of a semi-magical sci-fi aspect, provided by This Wall. The same year, a manga adaptation titled 22/7 + was published. A separate plot is told in this manga, although it nevertheless makes use of the same designs as the anime. Due to the fact that Reiji Miyajima penned this manga, it is faithful to the spirit of the television show.

When it comes to idol anime and manga, 22/7 ranks up there as one of the most bizarre. There have been supernatural idol series and slice-of-life series before, but 22/7 combines the two in a way that hasn’t been seen before. The fact that the anime features a digital version of a very real idol group only serves to heighten the shock value of this fusion.

However, Reiji Miyajima’s style, notably his approach to writing characters, is evident here, so readers who enjoyed Rent-a-Girlfriend are likely to enjoy this work as well. 22/7 is so extremely different from other idol shows, but it’s still a lot of fun, especially for lovers of Rent-a-Girlfriend.

Final words

Rent-a-Girlfriend was an instant success with anime viewers after its 2020 debut. Despite the fact that Rent-a-Girlfriend is his most well-known work, Reiji Miyajima has written and illustrated a number of other manga series. It seems out he contributed to further anime as well. This show is a spinoff of one of the craziest idol series in anime, so it should appeal to fans of the Rent-a-Girlfriend series.

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