Antonio Madrigal: Personality, Biography & What We Know So Far!

Disney’s 60th animated feature film Encanto features Antonio Madrigal as a supporting character. He is the youngest sibling of Dolores and Camilo and the son of Pepa and Félix. He’s the youngest Madrigal son and he can talk to animals.

He is voiced by Ravi-Cabot Conyers.

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Antonio Madrigal Personality

At the beginning of the film, Antonio is a withdrawn introvert with severe social anxiety. His insecurity and worry that he won’t receive a gift during his gift ceremony belie the fact that he is quite good at communicating with his family.

Because of her upbeat and optimistic demeanour despite not possessing a gift, Mirabel has become a role model and big sister to him. Antonio overcomes his shyness after receiving his gift, dancing in front of the crowd during his ceremony and engaging with the other characters in a more outgoing manner from then on. When Bruno needed a quiet area to have his vision, he offered Bruno the use of his room, and he is also very kind and concerned about his family.

Antonio Madrigal Biography

Antonio Madrigal is Pepa and Félix’s youngest child; he was born a few years before the film’s prologue. Antonio is the youngest sibling of Camilo and Dolores, and before the gift ceremony, he shared a standard-looking room with his cousin Mirabel, who was the only Madrigal who didn’t get a magical gift. They have a wonderful relationship and take pleasure in one another’s company. People say that Antonio has a soft spot for furry friends.

On the day of his gift ceremony, while being prepared by his grandmother Alma Madrigal, he mysteriously disappears, prompting his entire family to search for him. Only Mirabel knows where he is; he has been hiding under her bed in their bedroom, terrified that his ceremony would also be a failure.

Since Mirabel knew that he enjoyed cuddling with stuffed animals, she gives him a jaguar to hold when he moves into his new room. The conversation is cut short by Casita’s announcement that they must depart. Before the ceremony begins, Antonio gathers with his family in front of a curtain.

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When the curtains part to reveal Antonio, he is so shaken by Abuela’s tale of the magical candle—the source of all the magic in the family—that he begs Mirabel to accompany him up the stairs. She initially resists, fearing Alma’s disapproval, but gives in when he insists that he needs her, at which point she unwillingly follows him up the stairs (which also causes Mirabel to have painful memories from the night of her failed ceremony).


Antonio Madrigal Biography
Antonio Madrigal Biography

A toucan flies onto Antonio’s shoulder and begins talking to him, asking if other animals can come to his new chamber, and Antonio understands him, much to his astonishment, after he has sworn an oath pledging to use his talent to benefit the town of Encanto. Forest creatures come to the house and investigate Antonio’s chamber with him. Antonio seems more comfortable socialising for the rest of the evening.

He requests some coatimundi for his grandma’s chair during breakfast so she may get nice and toasty. When Mirabel and her uncle Bruno are discussing the potential of Bruno having a new vision that may reveal how to save the magic, he cuts in to stop them after learning this information from the rats. He then offers the use of his spare bedroom as a place to conduct precognition rituals due to its ample size.

Antonio gave Bruno his plush jaguar to comfort him if he ever felt nervous about using his skills, and then he went. Later, he shows up as Casita is being destroyed, after all the animals in his room have fled, and Antonio is nearly crushed by a collapsing wardrobe before his father rescues him. Antonio talks to Camilo about Bruno helping restore the house and giving Mirabel the doorknob once the Casita is fully damaged and she makes peace with Abuela.

As she does so, the animals return to the house, bringing with them everyone’s gifts, including Antonio’s. As the family gathers for one more photo, Antonio sits atop his jaguar; however, when casita rumbles on the ground and causes everyone to trip, Antonio’s jaguar leaps from the ground and runs away, resulting in a portrait that is both imperfect and beautiful.

Powers and Abilities

Antonio can talk to any animal he encounters. As a result, he keeps a menagerie of exotic animals in his bedroom, including a jaguar, a tapir, a day, a coati, and a plethora of hummingbirds.

Antonio’s ability to communicate with animals is based only on the trust and intimacy he develops with them, which allows him to rely on them for support and companionship and to discourage unwanted behaviour, such as when he discouraged Parce from eating his uncle Bruno’s rodents.

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