10 Anime Series Like Chainsaw Man You Must Watch

Anime Series Like Chainsaw Man: Chainsaw Man has been one of the most hyped anime of the season, and it has not disappointed. It was an immediate success, drawing in viewers eager to see their favourite devil-hunting team in action each week. Studio Mappa, already well-known for their work on Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, has scored another hit with this series.

As the title implies, Chainsaw Guy is about a young man named Denji who can harness the abilities of a Chainsaw Devil when needed. The idea may sound farfetched, but the show more than makes up for it with superb combat scenes and thought-provoking themes of control, ignorance, and family that every anime fan can appreciate. If that seems up your alley, here are 10 more anime shows like Chainsaw Man that you should consider.

1. Jujutsu Kaisen

One common trend in anime is for the protagonist to start behaving more and more like the villainous force humanity is up against. They may end up as a half-ghoul, a devil, or, like Yuji Itadori, the vessel for a powerful ancient cursed spirit.

He is spared immediate irradiation in favour of studying Jujutsu at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, where he can learn to cast away curses and defend the innocent as a Jujustu sorcerer. The path that Yuji took to become a curse is reminiscent of Denji’s descent into hell. Especially when it comes to women, there can be some overlap in their personalities and goals. If you enjoyed Chainsaw Man, you might also enjoy this series because of the way it seamlessly transitions between comedic and dramatic moments.

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2. Psycho-Pass

Soon, Japan will implement the Sibyl System, and with just a scan on the street, the government will be able to ascertain each individual’s “crime coefficient,” or propensity for criminal behavior. Doesn’t really matter if someone has done wrong or not. Those who the algorithm predicts will do criminal acts in the future are now classified as latent criminals. Inspectors and their Enforcers (former Inspectors flagged as latent criminals) use firearms called Dominators to arrest or kill criminals for minor offenses.

Inequitable as the system may be, it contributes to the show’s overall depth and complexity. Similar to the protagonist in Chainsaw Man, these individuals have no choice but to live up to the stereotypes that have been placed on them. Furthermore, the gripping action sequences make this an engaging watch.

3. Attack On Titan

It’s not surprising that Attack on Titan is one of the most watched anime series currently. To protect themselves from the giant, man-eating monsters known as Titans, protagonist Eren Jaeger and his friends live behind massive walls in this anime. He vows to rid the world of titans because he despises the idea of living in constant terror, but just as he gets close to accomplishing this goal, a new, enormous Titan breaches the city’s outer wall. Even though it’s a bit mysterious and sad at times, the story is compelling enough to keep viewers bingeing to find out what happens next.

There are so many unexpected turns that it’s difficult to choose a favorite. The animation and fight scenes in both Attack on Titan and Chainsaw Man are produced by the same studio, MAPPA.

4. Devilman Crybaby

Sensitive Akira Fudou recently made a deal with a potent devil to save his best friend. Most people would be completely dominated, but Akira is strong enough to absorb the Devilman abilities and make them his own. He can now defend his family, but can he also keep his integrity? Despite the series’ sensitive protagonist, it contains graphic violence, sexual content, and adult themes.

Real stakes and struggle are conveyed through the use of dark tones and controversial subject matter. Two sides of the same coin, Akira and Denji are both ordinary teenagers who are suddenly endowed with tremendous demonic power.

5. Parasyte

Shinichi Izumi, a shy high school student, may have the worst luck of anyone in a world where alien parasites are invading the human race and taking over human brains. When the parasite Migi fails to take over Shinichi’s brain, it moves into his hand and the two develop an odd symbiotic relationship. As a result of their unusual circumstances, they are often attacked by other parasites, forcing the two of them to fight for survival.

Viewers who felt sorry for Denji may find themselves even more troubled by Shinichi. Seeing a character learn to control abilities they didn’t ask for is fascinating.

6. Demon Slayer

Tanjirou Kamado’s entire family is murdered by a demon while he is away making money, save for his sister Nezuko. He promises to protect her and seek revenge for his family, but there’s a catch: whoever orchestrated the attack also transformed his sister into a demon.

Anime Series Like Chainsaw Man
Anime Series Like Chainsaw Man

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Similar to the “main character becomes a monster” trope, this anime uses the protagonist’s sister as the monster. This novel spin provides the same substantial reward as the standard version. The animation in this show is also top notch. If the animation style is what you enjoy most about Chainsaw Man, you’re in for some breathtaking action sequences.

7. Inuyasha

This series is not only an anime classic, but also an excellent primer on the subject of demons. Kagome, a teenage girl, is the protagonist of this anime who finds herself transported to feudal Japan. She is attacked almost immediately because demons are commonplace here. Even though one of the half-demons, Inuyasha, seems to despise her at first sight, they’ll have to put their differences aside and work together soon.

The romantic elements of the half-monster trope are also explored in this series. Inuyasha is one of those rare animes that doesn’t feel confined to any particular genre, effortlessly incorporating elements of action, drama, fantasy, romance, and comedy.

8. Sankarea

If you’re watching to find out how Denji’s romantic endeavours pan out, you’ll get your fill of romance without having to sacrifice any of the horror. To find himself an undead girlfriend, Chihiro Furuya enlists Sankarea’s help. Though his wishes have been granted, he is quickly learning that life with a zombie girlfriend is nothing like he had imagined. Just like Denji, he finds out the hard way that resurrecting someone always comes with a price. When people’s lives are constantly on the line, watching humans and monsters try to find love is fascinating.’

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a great pick if you enjoy stories in which the protagonist takes on the form of the monster species they plan to eradicate. The main character of Tokyo Ghoul, Denji, also finds themselves in a fascinating situation when he wakes up from surgery as a hybrid ghoul. Both stories have shady government policies as a driving force in shaping public opinion of these half-human monsters, and this is a common thread running through both narratives. It’s interesting to compare and contrast how Denji and Kaneki respond to their new roles as government pawns.

10. Danganronpa

Chainsaw Man has not been shying away from gory scenes for fear of offending viewers. Some viewers care less about the tale and more about the violence and mayhem. If that’s the case, then this series based on a videogame is ideal. A villainous bear traps sixteen brilliant students in a series of deadly games. To get out of this situation, you must commit murder against another student and then survive the subsequent trials. The series’ campiness, in contrast to its bleak premise, is part of what makes it so entertaining and ridiculous. In the same vein as Chainsaw Man, however, not everything is as it seems, and it’s up to the audience to determine who they can trust.

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