Yasuke Anime 2 Release Date
Yasuke Anime 2 Release Date

Yasuke Season 2 Netflix Release Date Renewed and what Coming Up This Year?

In the spring of 2021, Netflix will debut Yasuke, an original anime series that combines action and fantasy elements. The show’s originator also shared the stage with Cannon Busters. Neither of us cares if you call it anime or animation right now. After much work, Yasuke has finally been made available to the public. The series, which LeSean Thomas worked tirelessly to get to screens, was first announced in 2018, and it finally premiered in 2020.The premiere of the first season of this Netflix original series, consisting of six episodes, took place on April 29, 2021. As a result, fans are wondering if the anime will be renewed for a second season.

What is the Plotline of the Anime?

When he takes a young girl with unexplained abilities under his wing, a once-calm boatman is thrust back into the thick of the fight and must once again earn his Black Samurai reputation. A warrior named Yasuke saw Oda Nobunaga’s defeat at the hands of the warlord Yami no Daimyo’s army in Honn-ji during the 16th century in a magically reimagined version of feudal Japan.

Yasuke, the “Black Samurai,” retires to an isolated community twenty years later and starts a new life as Yassan, a boatman. He meets a musician named Ichika and a sick Saki with unfathomable magical skills at a local pub. Ichika orders Yasuke to get the injured youngster to a doctor after an attack. In his effort to keep the little girl safe, he’ll become embroiled in a struggle for control.

Yasuke Anime 2 Release Date
Yasuke Anime 2 Release Date

Will There Be a Second Season of Yasuke?

Netflix, Mappa, and LeSean Thomas have yet to renew the anime for a second season as of this writing (August 5, 2022). The fact that the anime has been streamed on Netflix around the world and has a reputable name behind it keeps expectations for a second season alive, despite the fact that more than a year has passed since the first. However, anime is extremely well-liked.

Twitter accounts of cast members have been sending encouraging messages ahead of season two. Steven Ellison, alias FYLO, the series’ musical artist, has stated that this is merely the beginning and not the end aim. For the time being, accepting this as a renewal is challenging, but it is a strong signal.

Exactly when can we expect to see a new season of this anime? With no renewal in sight and the anime finally premiering three years after its initial announcement, it’s hard to say how long fans will have to wait for a second season. Yet this interpretation is false. Although initial animation and character design can take a while, the average time needed to produce a new season is roughly a year. The second season of Yasuke could premiere in 2023 if the show is renewed. We will keep an eye on the headlines and let you know when there are any updates. Remember to check back for updates.

Is Yasuke Popular Enough to Be Renewed?

How well-liked and widely-watched an anime is on streaming services can influence whether or not it is picked up for a second season. Unpopular shows typically don’t get renewed for a second season. A large number of people use Google to look for anime, much more so than other media. The series’ soundtrack was composed by Flying Lotus, better known by his alias FLYLO, and he has since released an album of the same name. The series’ success is due in large part to his contributions. The show’s fans have been patiently waiting for more episodes, so it’s only fair that they get them in the next season. Yasuke was nominated for Outstanding Animated Series at the 53rd Annual NAACP Image Awards, along with four other animated shows.

The renowned Japanese animation company MAPPA is responsible for the series animations. The company, which has signed numerous hit anime, has secured renewals for many of those shows’ second seasons. There has been no leak or news that MAPPA is currently working on Yasuke. We do not anticipate any reluctance on the part of MAPPA to renew, given its large production capacity.

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