Who is Pochita
Who is Pochita

Who Is Pochita From ‘chainsaw Man’?

However, Bond Forger may not be unchallenged as the best borfer in anime. Chainsaw Man’s adorable little fellow Pochita could be his biggest challenger yet. The series revolves around Pochita, a small dog with a chainsaw face. Literally. In reality, he is the protagonist’s emotional center. And he is the cutest thing ever.

Even though it’s impossible to tell by looking at him today, Pochita was once the most dreaded devil in all of hell. In his prime, he was reviled as the embodiment of chainsaw terror, earning the moniker “Chainsaw Devil.” I had no idea I was afraid of him until I saw him in his actual form.

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Pochita Appearance:

Devil Form:

Near-death State

Pochita is in a “near-death state” after vanishing during his fight with the Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils. In this form, the devil looks like a little orange canine with a chainsaw-like appendage sticking out of the top of his head. His short tail is in the shape of a chainsaw’s draw cord, and handles protrude from his body, allowing you to wield him like a chainsaw.


Comparable to Denji’s hybrid form, his actual devil form is that of a gigantic, humanoid demon with four limbs and a chainsaw protruding from each and another chainsaw emerging from the front of his head. His neckwear consists of an intestine still attached to his stomach and is tied in a fashion resembling a scarf or a collar.

Hybrid Form

To fulfil the terms of the agreement he made with Denji, Pochita merged his heart with Denji’s and became an anatomical part of Denji. The chainsaw chord in his chest allows Denji to transform into Chainsaw Man. Pochita has shrunk in size, and lost an arm, a leg, both of his hands, and both of his blood vessel connections. Pochita, though, still has that endearing puppy dog face. Denji has also tied the cord of his chainsaw to Pochita’s scalp.

Pochita Personality:

Rather than speaking, Pochita communicated with other devils in the same way as dogs do—through barks and whines. However, after he has fused with Denji, he may have mental conversations with him. Dream after dream, he warns Denji not to “open the door,” suggesting that he is doing so.

Although Pochita usually despises humans, when the human rescues his life, the devil develops genuine affection for Denji. Pochita enjoyed hearing about his plans to pursue his aspirations after he gladly committed his heart to Denji. He also demonstrated to Makima his familiarity with Denji and ability to adopt the latter’s mannerisms and attitudes to deceive him.

When Pochita transforms into the devil, he acts more erratically, as seen by the fact that he swiftly kills everybody who shows even the slightest hatred against him in the burger joint.

Later, he reveals to Denji that he’d always wanted to be hugged, but his power prevented that from happening, suggesting that his killing spree at the burger shop was unintentional.

He also seems to respond to pleas for assistance from both humans and devils, as evidenced by his having rescued both Makima and Kobeni from hazardous circumstances, albeit by violently assaulting the former afterward. His love for Denji remained strong, though, and he ultimately gave his life to save Kobeni so that his friend’s hopes may come true.

Pochita Abilities

After the Primordial Demons, The Chainsaw Devil is considered one of the most powerful beings in the series due to his ability to withstand attacks from large numbers of devils in hell without taking damage himself. Even the series’ major enemy, Makima, thought herself inferior to him and needed his public’s admiration to weaken him sufficiently to beat him, so much so that the search for his heart sparked an international conflict.

The Chainsaw Devil is a Devil. Therefore it has all the abilities one would expect from a Devil. The capacity to establish contracts with humans, heal himself by drinking their blood and return to Hell after death are all among them. Although he has changed less than the devils in general, there are some constants in his character. It didn’t matter how often he met his end; he constantly returned to his mission of eliminating evil.

Pochita’s initial agreement with Denji is to drink his blood in exchange for helping Denji settle certain financial obligations. Initially given as a “promise” by a younger Denji, the contract is subsequently verified to be legally binding. In exchange for Denji leading a “normal life,” Pochita becomes Denji’s heart when he is gravely harmed by the Zombie Devil.

Who is Pochita
Who is Pochita

Pochita Plot

Pochita’s background is shrouded in darkness, and what little we know about it comes from Makima and other devils. In hell, everyone knew him as “The Chainsaw Man” because of his unique ability to eat devils and forget their identities. As a result of his actions, Chainsaw Man became known as “The Devil that Devils fear the most” and “The Hero of Hell,” and he was considered a threat to all devil kinds.

However, because of his notoriety, he was hunted by a legion of demons, several of whom succeeded in killing him more than once. Some devils worshipped him for his strength, leading them to follow him, while others feared him and tried to flee.

This led to a showdown with the Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils in which he was severely injured and, according to Makima, transformed into a “totally changed near death form,” which is strongly hinted to be his dog form. When the fighting was at its height, he disappeared.

Later, Pochita encounters Denji at the grave of his late father. The devil at first reacted hostilely to him but then collapsed to the ground from the pain of his wounds. Denji was feeling kind, so he offered Pochita his blood to help him heal on the condition that they become partners. Pochita would share a home with Denji, helping him with demon hunting and wood clearing in exchange for food provided by Denji.

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