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What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain
What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain

Where Are The Episodes When Naruto Fights Pain?

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain: of the most monumental fights in the Naruto series is when he faces off against Pain. Two of their teacher’s students get into a heated debate over who is right.

All the important events that happened during the Pain Assault Arc, including Naruto’s battle with Pain and the episodes/manga chapters that cover it, will be discussed in depth in this page.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

With the help of the frogs, the sage mode he had just learned, the nine-tail fox’s strength, and his own wits, Naruto was able to defeat Pain fairly. After vanquishing the Six Paths of Pain, Naruto sought out Nagato (the real Pain).

This conflict is not simply between two formidable individuals, but also between two worldviews. The most important aspect of this arc is not the battle itself, but rather Nagato’s reconciliation with Naruto and subsequent resuscitation of everyone else at the cost of his own life.

In any case, let’s face it: if he didn’t do this, Naruto’s triumph would be meaningless because of all the people who would be killed. This deed won Naruto the admiration of the entire village and helped him significantly on his path to become Hokage.

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What Chapter Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Chapter 430 was titled “Naruto Returns,” and it was followed by “The Joyous Village!!!” in Chapter 450. In episodes 163–169 of Naruto Shippuden, the entire battle between Naruto and Pain is depicted.

What Episode Does Naruto Master Sage Mode?

Episode 154, “Decryption,” marked the beginning of Naruto’s training to Master sage mode, which he would not fully master until episode 156, “Surpassing the Master.”

Naruto left Konoha after Jiraiya was killed to study Senjutsu on Mount Myoboku, where he became aware of the dangers of absorbing too much Nature Energy.

After years of practise, Naruto has achieved the ideal balance of Nature Energy, allowing him to enter sage mode. However, he still has a ways to go in terms of training.

Now he’s onto Frog Kumite, a Senjutsu technique that will help him launch his taijutsu strikes from farther away. Naruto, having completed his training in episode 157, makes a grand entry in episode 162 when he confronts the Six Paths of Pain.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain As Nine Tails?

Between episodes 166, “Confession,” and 168, “The Fourth Hokage,” Naruto battles Pain while in tail mode.

Feeling helpless, Naruto goes insane as he sees Hinata tortured and his beloved Konoha destroyed.

While fighting Pain, Naruto released the full might of the Nine-Tailed Fox. However, he did not die or transform into the Kyuubi upon reaching the ninth tail; rather, he was manipulated and coerced into breaking the seal.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain
What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain

Luckily, Minato had locked his last bit of chakra inside infant Naruto.

Fans of the manga will be happy to know that chapters 437-442 detail this occurrence.

What Episode Did Naruto Meet Nagato?

Beginning in episode 169 “The two pupils” and continuing through episodes 172 and 174 “Tale of Naruto Uzumaki,” Naruto and Nagato meet.

Just moments after escaping the nine tails’ grip, Naruto follows the source of his anguish and finds its precise location (Nagato). Then he went there, not to kill him, but to have a conversation. After tracking them to a large tree, he finally confronts Nagato.

They discussed their histories and Naruto used Talk-no-Jutsu to win Nagato’s trust so that they might make peace for good.

When Nagato’s chakra reserves were depleted, he made the decision to use his Outer Path — Technique of Heavenly Life Samsara to bring back to life everyone who had died during the war.

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