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Untitled Goose Game Guide
Untitled Goose Game Guide

Untitled Goose Game Guide And Complete Walkthrough!

It’s been the subject of a thousand memes, and having an Untitled Goose Game tutorial ready will ensure you’ve seen every hilarious moment. Naturally, there are some tasks on your To Do list that you can quickly complete, but there are others that require a lot more experimenting and lateral thinking to complete.

Although you can flap around causing havoc, there is an underlying structure to progression in which you must complete all but one of the tasks on the To Do list for each area, which reveals a final task – beat this last assignment to open the path to the next room and continue your adventure.

Please remember that this guide is not designed to be a prescriptive explanation of how to accomplish each assignment flawlessly, as there are frequently several methods to complete a challenge, but rather to provide a strategy that works if you get stuck. The first portion is an introductory lesson introducing you to the controls, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Pull out the top and bottom bolts on the right to get to the first level, where our Untitled Goose Game walkthrough begins.

Untitled Goose Game – Garden Walkthrough

Enter the garden
Pull the sack close to the gate to reach the radio, then pick it up to turn it on—dash inside when the Groundskeeper unlocks the gate and heads outside to get the radio.

Wet down the groundskeeper.

Please wait for the Groundskeeper to tend to the patch adjacent to the sprinkler, or take something and drop it next to the sprinkler so the Groundskeeper will go there to reclaim it. When he’s nearby, turn on the sprinkler by activating the tap outside the garden.

Untitled Goose Game Guide
Untitled Goose Game Guide

Take the keys from the groundskeeper.
Either wait until the Groundskeeper is repairing a patch and steal his keys, or sneak up behind him and grab them from his belt.

Make the groundskeeper put on a sun hat.

Move the crate by the hedge on the left side of the garden to disclose a hole in preparation for this one. Please wait for the Groundskeeper to tend to a patch and creep up from the side until the prompt to seize his hat arises. If you’re caught, simply back off behind the Groundskeeper until you’re out of his sight, then wait for him to resume tending for another try. Once you’ve got the hat, dash through the hole in the hedge so he can’t pursue you down and capture you; at this point, he’ll put on his sun hat.

In the lake, rake
Drag the rake from next to the shed to the lake. If you’re having trouble getting past the Groundskeeper, try sneaking around the back of the beds on the right side of the garden or turning on the water butt faucet.

Take a picnic (bring the following items to the picnic blanket: sandwich, apple, pumpkin, carrot, jam, thermos, radio, and basket)
The sandwich (halves), apple, and basket are on the bench by the lake; the pumpkin and carrot are in the garden; and the jam, thermos, and radio are on the garden workbench. Grab each item and take it to the picnic blanket on the right side of the lake – make sure the Groundskeeper doesn’t chase you there, or he’ll spot what you’ve stolen and start taking it back to the garden. It’s better to leave the radio for last because the noise it creates makes it difficult to evade the Groundskeeper chasing you, albeit if you get it wet, it’ll short out and stop making noises.

Request that the groundskeeper hammer his thumb.
Pull over with the No Goose sign and wait for the Groundskeeper to replace it. Honk to distract him while he swings the hammer fully back, and he’ll hammer his thumb, unlocking the next level.

Walkthrough for Untitled Goose Game – High Street

Break apart the broom.
If the Shopkeeper sees you in her shop, she’ll grab a broom and chase you away. Interact with her as she sweeps it towards you to hold the broom head and pull until it falls off.

Capture the Boy in a phone booth.

The Boy is scared of geese, so follow him and keep honking to direct him to the phone booth in the upper left corner of the area.

Make the Boy wear the incorrect glasses.

There are two ways to obtain the Boy’s spectacles: wait for him to take them off and clean them before honking so he drops them, or sneak up on him and interact with his shoelaces to untie them before grabbing the glasses when he leans down. In either case, you must steal a different pair of glasses from the shop’s shelf and place them near the Boy so he may put them on.

Make someone buy back their belongings.

Steal the Boy’s toy plane off the bench and drop it inside the shop, where the Shopkeeper will pick it up and display it alongside the other toys. If the Boy does not immediately go to the shop, follow him in by honking after him; at this point, he will have to buy back his plane.

Untitled Goose Game Guide
Untitled Goose Game Guide

Get on the air!
When you have locked the Boy in the phone booth, he will summon the TV Shop Owner to come and rescue him. As soon as they leave the business, they dash inside and flip the big red switch next to the door. This will activate the camera, causing you to go to the left of the shop and appear on the screens.

Go shopping (include in your basket: toothbrush, toilet paper, hairbrush, canned food, cleaner, fruits, and vegetables)
The basket is on the left side of the shop, but you should drag it to the side of the area either way so the Shopkeeper doesn’t see it, or she’ll take back everything you’ve stolen thus far. You can find a toothbrush and cleaner inside the trashcan if you walk to the garden on the right side of the level and knock it over. The toilet paper, hairbrush, canned food, and extra cleaner (if needed) can all be taken from the shop, as can any fruit or vegetable items – only one is required, and carrots or leeks are the easiest to obtain.

Apprehend the Shopkeeper in the garage.
Steal an item from the shop, causing the Shopkeeper to chase you, then run into the garage to the right of the shop and drop the item inside. Please return to the street, then interact with the draw rope once the Shopkeeper has entered the garage to imprison them.

Walkthrough for Untitled Goose Game – Back Gardens

Make someone damage the expensive vase.
Take the purple vase from the stool at the bottom of the Woman’s garden and bring it back to where the Man can see it. He’ll break it by throwing it back over the fence.

Assist the Woman in dressing up the bust.
Take the glasses, hat, and pipe from Man’s garden table and set them near the bust in the Woman’s garden, where she will place them.

Make the Man spit his tea out.
Wait in the Woman’s yard until the Man has finished his tea, then ring the massive bell to force him to spew it out.

Dress up with a ribbon.
Remove the ribbon from the duck statue near the steps in her garden while the Woman is out of sight, then drag the figure away and hide it – under the bench/pots at the bottom of her garden works nicely. Return to where the figure was and interact to adopt the duck’s position, then stay still and wait for the Woman to return and place the ribbon on you. Please give her a honk as she walks away for extra enjoyment.

Untitled Goose Game Guide
Untitled Goose Game Guide

Allow the Man to walk barefoot.
Wait for the Man to finish reading his paper before sneaking up and interacting with him to steal one of his slippers, which you should hide out of sight. Wait for him to begin drinking his tea, when his stance will shift, and you can grab the other slipper to make him barefoot.

Do the laundry (with socks, slippers, and a bar of soap)
The socks are on the washing line at the bottom of the Woman’s garden; the soap bar is on the edge of the bathtub at the top of the Woman’s garden; and the slipper, as you should have guessed, is on Man’s foot! To do the washing, place all these goods in the fountain at the foot of the Man’s garden.

Request that the prize rose to be pruned.
Move the planter with the rose to the bottom of the lowered bed, level with the shrub in the Woman’s garden. Pass through the fence and interact with the bush to peck at it, causing the Woman to take her shears to prune it and inadvertently snag the rose.

Untitled Goose Game – Pub Walkthrough

Enter the pub
If you want to be covert, climb up to the cellar doors behind the van and interact with the box to gain access. The Deliveryperson will then pick up the box and carry it inside, and you can exit at any time. Alternatively, run past the Burly Man hovering near the entrance, possibly distracting him with a honk first.

Dismantle the dartboard
Wait for the Old Man to start throwing darts, then honk just as he’s about to destroy the board.

Obtain the toy boat
The toy boat is in the sink at the back of the raised area, and you must fill it with water by turning on the faucet to the right. If the Kitchen Woman notices the sink filling up, she’ll cut off the water, so keep her busy until it’s complete, then take the toy boat.

Allow the Old Man to fall on his bum.
Wait in the beer garden until the Old Man is going to sit on his stool, then interact with it and drag it a distance away – the secret here is not to be subtle, as if the seat remains too near behind him, he’ll notice and not fall over.

Receive a flower
Stand on the drain cover adjacent to the picnic bench with the two ladies and imitate their behaviors to obtain the flower. Honk, bend forward, and expand your wings in that order.

Untitled Goose Game Guide
Untitled Goose Game Guide

Take a pint glass and throw it into the canal.
There are a few pint glasses (tankards that look like giant glass mugs) on tables in the raised area, so grab one, carry it to the canal across the street from the pub door, and drop it in. If you hide beneath the stairs near the entrance and honk, the Burly Man will head upstairs to investigate, giving you time to rush out and over the road.

Set the table (fork, knife, plate, pepper, and candle)
There’s a knife on the trolley to the left of the raised area, as well as a fork under the nearby table, as well as a knife and fork on the bottom shelf of the unit by the beer barrel; there’s also a plate on that unit, as well as one on the empty picnic table in the beer garden; the pepper is on a table to the left of the raised area, and the candle is on a table to the right. Take all these items and place them on the table – the wooden spindle with a tablecloth on top – in the storage space at the back of the tavern on the left.

Pour a bucket of water on the Burly Man’s head.
Please take a few tomatoes from the crate and place them on the floor near the back of the pub’s storage room. Go to the front of the tavern and catch the attention of the Burly Man, then let him chase you to the back. Dash past the storage area, then honk to grab his attention, and he’ll come through the gate to investigate. Run up to the higher area above and interact with the bucket to drop it on his head as he gathers the tomatoes and puts them back in the crate.

Walkthrough for Untitled Goose Game – Model Village

Enter the model village.
To enter the model hamlet, jump into the stream to the left of the route and swim under the bridge.

Take the lovely little golden bell.
Approach the large castle building at the far end of the model hamlet and keep pecking it until you reveal a beam you can grab. Interact with it, then pull until the castle crumbles and the bell is displayed.

Untitled Goose Game Guide
Untitled Goose Game Guide

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…and bring it all the way home
You must return to all previous levels while carrying the bell, which makes a noise as you run. The bell will be confiscated if you are caught, yet you can steal it back from their grasp. Hide behind the stairs near the entrance and honk to lure the Burly Man upstairs, then sprint out and across the road and the bridge. Return to the gardens by going up and right from the well. Pull out the drawer to knock down the unit at the top of the Woman’s garden before going through Man’s garden and pulling the ribbon at the bottom to down the fence. Go through the gap to get the bell, then run back through with it to the next phase.

The Shopkeeper and TV Shop Owner are patrolling the street, so you’ll have to sprint past them – choosing the path through the shop roof may allow you to run straight past them. Avoid the Boy at the end of the street, descend the way, and enter the garden through the wooden gate. Because the Groundskeeper is blocking the garden’s exit, move the crate by the hedge to open the hole and sneak through to escape. Swim across the lake, then return through the opening area to add the bell to your collection.

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