Type S Anime Release Date
Type S Anime Release Date

Type S Anime Release Date and Latest Updates in 2022!

To promote the return of the Type S badge and its lineup of high-end performance automobiles, Acura is employing an unconventional approach. The four-episode anime series Chiaki’s Journey, which follows a young female driver named Chiaki and her experienced uncle Noboru, premiered on Thursday. Meanwhile, Acura’s current and future performance vehicles are highlighted as well.

Audi’s Type S models, the NSX, TLX, and MDX, all make appearances, and the 2023 Integra, which is set to debut in a few years, will be seen to fans in a number of scenes. Chiaki’s scenes also feature frequent appearances by an Acura legend from the past, a DC2-generation Integra Type R.

Type S Anime Release Date
Type S Anime Release Date

Chiaki has access to fast vehicles, allowing her to take against her archenemy Erich Kang at the local race track. Kang drives what looks like an unbadged Mercedes-AMG.

Going deeper into the marketing of this shift, Acura is betting that its unique advertising strategy will attract a new generation of automobile consumers. Vice President and Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda stated,

“The joyful, attention-grabbing quality of anime pop culture will help generate momentum for our new Type S lineup.” Acura sees an opening in the market to capitalise on the continued popularity of anime in the United States. Maybe it can even win over those viewers who are already invested in Initial D.

The four parts of Chiaki’s Journey, which had their world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, are now accessible.

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