Tower of God Season 2
Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God Season 2 : Where Do You Continue the Tower of God After Anime?

When Will The’ Tower of God’ Season 2 Release?

The first season of ‘Tower of God aired from 2019 to 2020 and is already over. Unfortunately, neither the release date for season 2 nor confirmation that the show will return for a second season has been announced by Crunchyroll.

However, this is not the case since the streaming service Crunchyroll has not yet decided to pull the plug on the show either. We can always keep our fingers crossed for a second season. If Crunchyroll is planning a second season of “Tower of God,” we may anticipate it to drop sometime in late 2022. However, this is all conjecture at the moment.

What Is The Plot Of ‘Tower Of God’ Season 2?

Rachel finds out in the season 1 finale that she was never contacted by the Tower. She develops jealousy against Bam and ultimately betrays him for personal gain.

Rachel climbed the Tower using Bam exclusively the whole time. Ultimately, she forces Bam into Shinsu Lake. But Bam is still alive. His resolve to reach the top of the Tower, discover the truth about Rachel’s betrayal, and pass all of his examinations has only strengthened.

Who Is Cast In ‘Tower Of God’ Season 2?

Here is the expected cast of the series “Tower Of God’ Season 2.

  • Matthew David Rudd as Rak Wraithraiser.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Bam.
  • Chris Hackney as Khun Aguero Agnes.
  • Cherami Leigh as Anaak Jahad.
  • Valerie Rose Lohman as Rachel.
  • Trent Mills as Lero Ro.
  • Scott Whyte as Shibisu.
  • Hochu Otsuka as Headon.
Tower of God Season 2
Tower of God Season 2
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Evan Edroch
  • akuya Eguchi as Shibisu
  • Toshinari Fukamachi as Hatz
  • Jeannie Tirado as Endorsi Jahad
  • Christina Valenzuela as Serena
  • Kira Buckland as Yuri Jahad
  • Kyle McCarley as Evan Edroch

Is There An Official Trailer For ‘Tower Of God’ Season 2?

There has been no publication of the Season 2 official trailer for “Tower of God.” However, once the official trailer is out, we will make the appropriate adjustments here. For now, I’ll just leave you with the trailer for Season 1.

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