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Tokyo Revengers Characters
Tokyo Revengers Characters

10 Most Popular Tokyo Avengers Characters!

After its release in the summer of 2021, Tokyo Revengers was an instant success. Takemichi Hanagaki, a struggling freelance writer, is the protagonist of this anime. And then he finds out that his high school sweetheart was murdered, and things go downhill quickly from there. To stop the events that led to her murder, he joins the Tokyo Manji Gang and travels back in time.

There’s a huge cast of characters in the anime, some of them are more well-known than others. The story’s protagonists and antagonists are equally interesting. The users of MyAnimeList have chosen their favorite characters.

1. Mikey Earned 9,316

“Mikey” Manjiro Sano heads the violent Tokyo Manji Gang. He acts and talks like a confident, independent adolescent. But he’s a ruthless leader who’ll stop at nothing to ensure the crew’s win. As far as the series’ fighting prowess goes, Mikey is perhaps the best option. Mikey is suffering from severe emotional distress despite his cheerful outward demeanour. As he gives in to his darker desires, Mikey transforms into one of the most interesting characters in the show.

On one hand, he’s a bloodthirsty fighter who’s made a career out of killing. Mikey, on the other hand, felt tremendous remorse for his behavior and sought refuge from the world. It’s easy to forget that the series’ mobsters are all teenagers amidst the drama that unfolds. Mikey had to mature rapidly because of the trauma he experienced on the streets.

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2. Chifuyu Matsuno Earned 5,148

Chifuyu serves as the Tokyo Manji Gang’s vice-captain of the first division. Fans of Chifuyu’s anime debut were immediately won over by the character, who was praised for his intelligence and intense loyalty.

Chifuyu was a strong opponent of authority figures during his middle school years. He would never miss a chance to show open disdain for his superiors, especially those who misused their authority. As a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he learned the value of friendship and developed a strong desire to look out for his newfound pals. Almost immediately, he adopted Takemichi as a protege and tutored him in the ways of the gang lifestyle.

3. Draken Earned 4,629

Ken Ryuguji, better known by his stage name “Draken,” was an instant hit with his audience. Draken, a co-founder and current vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, is, like the rest of his gang members, a complete unknown. Draken is never one to back down from a challenge and is always looking for the next big fight.

But Draken is the most responsible and mature of the group. He realizes the value of owning up to the gang’s irresponsibility. Despite his criminal lifestyle, Draken has a strong sense of justice and urges people to do the right thing.

4. Keisuke Baji Earned 2,952

When the Tokyo Manji Gang was first formed, Baji was there. He was revered by his peers as a courageous and devoted teammate. He acted as though he had joined Valhalla to keep the gang safe. Baji acted as a double agent, appearing to be a bad guy in order to shield his gang.

He hopes to keep Kazutora from engaging in unseemly behavior. Toman’s survival from Kisaki’s hands was another goal. Baji put his friends’ lives in danger for them, thus he deserves his adoring followers’ praise.

5. Takemichi Hanagaki Earned 1,984

Despite being the main character, Takemichi has surprisingly little popularity. His divisiveness has been a point of contention, with many viewers saying that he is the show’s downfall. But Takemichi’s feelings are his greatest asset; without them, he wouldn’t be known as the “Crybaby Hero.”

Takemichi had a crisis of identity and became lost. When the audience first met him, he was a struggling freelance writer. After journeying across time to stop Hinata’s death, though, Takemichi finds a newfound sense of assurance. He regained the self-assurance he’d lost and now serves as an inspiration to the rest of the ensemble.

6. Takashi Mitsuya Earned 1,693

Takashi is a founder member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takashi’s fans love him because he is cool under pressure and has a sweet bond with his younger sisters, Luna and Mana. Right now, Takashi is pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

Tokyo Revengers Characters
Tokyo Revengers Characters

Takashi is one of the most well-liked figures in Tokyo Revenger due to his acute sense of style and unflagging optimism. Takashi is a kindhearted man who, despite his challenging upbringing, greets each day with a cheerful attitude.

7. Kazutora Hanemiya Earned 1,025

After his introduction in the anime, Kazutora soon became a fan favorite. What makes Kazutora so intriguing is that his feisty, gregarious personality conceals a great deal of inner anguish.

Once a trusted member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he turned traitor after accidentally killing Mikey’s brother. He went to jail, served his time, and then was allowed to rejoin Valhalla. He reportedly led the charge on the Tokyo Manji Gang, which led to the Bloody Halloween episode and his second arrest. Since then, Kazutora appears to have made amends for his wrongdoing and matured into a much more stable person.

8. Hinata Tachibana Earned 542

When Hinata Tachibana dies, the series begins. Takemichi wouldn’t have gotten to go back in time and give us this amazing tale if she hadn’t been killed.

Hinata is a really good person, and she is the main character in the anime. As Takemichi’s high school girlfriend, she is upbeat and sweet, but she is also fiercely independent. Takemichi compliments her on how she always seems to find the perfect words to use in the direst of situations. She may only be a teenager, but her determination rivals that of the most dogged criminals in the series.

9. Shuji Hanma Earned 418

Throughout his time in Tokyo Revengers, Shuji has been a member of various different gangs. One of Tetta Kisaki’s closest buddies before he joined the Kanto Manji Gang. As Tetta’s trusted advisor, he planned and carried out a series of attacks on the Tokyo Manji Gang in an effort to depose the gang’s present leadership.

His 418 MyAnimeList favorites are a surprise to no one. Shuji is another flawed protagonist who craves danger and excitement. There’s nothing like a good fight to quench his need for excitement. Because he was so bored all the time, Shuji resorted to street violence to alleviate his condition.

10. Nahoya Kawata Earned 311

The character Nahoya Kawata, better known by his nickname “Smiley,” has garnered 311 favorites on the website MyAnimeList. Despite his limited screen time thus far, Nahoya has already won over the hearts of manga readers and is poised to do the same for anime viewers.

For the Tokyo Manji Gang, Nahoya is the Captain of the Fourth Division. He looks out for his “Angry” twin brother, Souya. For Nahoya, the excitement of battle is worth any risk, and he never backs down from an adversary. Nahoya loves his brother more than the group, but he still sticks by them.

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