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Today’s ‘Quordle’ Answers And Clues
Today’s ‘Quordle’ Answers And Clues

What is Quordle ? Here Are The Answers And Hints!

What is Quordle?

Like Wordle, Quordle requires players to estimate five-letter words, except in this case, their guesses affect four different words at once. If you can correctly guess all four words, instead of receiving six guesses, you will receive nine. In essence, it’s like playing four different Wordle games at once. However, the reality is much less scary.

Quordle harder than Wordle?

Yes, but not in a devilish way.

Where did Quordle come from?

Wordle was a huge hit in late 2021 and early 2022, when people discovered how much fun it was to guess a random set of words from a list without having to download or install anything. Creator Freddie Meyer claims that Dordle, one of the first popular Wordle variations, served as inspiration for him. He stepped it up, if you will, and on January 30 he released Quordle. Six days after Meyer’s invention was featured in The Guardian, Meyer claims that it is used by millions of people every day. Meyer now makes a small income from Patreon, where loyal players of Quordle can give to maintain the service.

How is Quordle pronounced?

“Kwordle.” It shouldn’t be pronounced exactly like “curdle,” but rather to rhyme with “Wordle.”

Quordle strategy different from Wordle?

The same basic approach as Wordle should be used as a starting point. There is no reason to replace the initial word in your Wordle if it is a favourite of yours. We recommend a word or phrase that is heavy on vowels and contains often used letters like C, R, and N. However, do what seems right for you.

If you play Quordle just like Wordle, though, things will quickly spiral out of control after your initial guess.

Today’s ‘Quordle’ Answers And Clues

What should I do in Quordle that I don’t do in Wordle?

Wordle puzzle solutions are often reduced to a string of iterations where only one letter is changed. If you know the suffix is “-IGHT,” then you can try to guess MIGHT, NIGHT, LIGHT, or SIGHT, and one of those will likely be the solution. However, this is also a well-known strategy for losing at Wordle, especially on “hard mode.” However, in Quordle, this method of winnowing by a single letter is a fatal trap, and it suggests a key strategic distinction between Wordle and Quordle: You can’t afford to waste guesses in Quordle unless you’re constantly removing as many letters as you can.

In Wordle, it is considered a last-ditch effort to guess a random word that you already know isn’t the solution in order to rule out three or four letters you haven’t tried yet. On the other hand, in Quordle, it is a common component of the player’s arsenal of strategic options.

Is There a Way to Get the Answer Faster?

Quordle, in my experience, can be a plodding game, often taking as long as four games of Wordle. However, a strategy of blind guesswork can be effective. If you’re solely interested in finding the answer to your Wordle puzzle and don’t care how many guesses you have to make, use this approach instead.

Start by writing a string of words that uses every vowel (including Y) and other frequently used characters. For me, the three magic words are “NOTES,” “ACRID,” and “LUMPY.” CANOE, SKIRT, PLUMB, and FUDGY are the four words that YouTuber DougMansLand offers.

Now that you’ve eliminated most of the alphabet, you can only afford to make a couple of incorrect choices. You may not have everything you need to guess the remaining words correctly the first time, but in most cases you will.

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A Semi-useful Hint About Today’s Puzzle

The following statement contains synonyms for all four terms (in no particular order).

My toe got caught in my foot lever while I was trying to sneak my bike onto the bike rack in the little hallway, so I think that should be your primary concern.

Are there any double or triple letters in today’s Quordle words?

Two words have letters occurring twice.

Are any rare letters being used in today’s Quordle like Q or Z?


What do today’s Quordle words start with?

P, A, E, and T.

What are the answers for today’s Quordle?

There’s still time to turn back.

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