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The Youngest Son of A Conglomerate Episode 4
The Youngest Son of A Conglomerate Episode 4

When Is The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate Episode 4 Release Date?

The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate Episode 4: The fourth episode of the new Korean action thriller series The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate has finally been released, and viewers couldn’t be more thrilled. Before we get to when and where you can watch the fourth episode of “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate,” let’s take a look back at what happened in episode three, titled “Reborn Rich.”

Hyun-woo uncovers documents pertaining to a paper mill that is being used as a front for the transfer of millions of dollars into an international slush fund. Senior finance manager pressures him to keep it quiet, but after talking to Sung-Joon, he feels compelled to report it. So, Sung-Joon replaces the financial manager with Hyun-woo after firing the previous incumbent.

In his new role, one of his first priorities is to access the company’s secret cash reserve, or slush fund. As a result, Hyun-woo put $600 million into the Turkish economy. The problem is that Min-young was given a copy of his conversation with Sung-Joon that had been recorded. Even more worrisome is the fact that he was diverted and brought to the edge of a rock by none other than that wide-eyed recruit.

The Youngest Son of A Conglomerate Episode 4 Release Date

The Youngest Son Conglomerate, which premiered on November 18, 2022, is a smash hit in South Korea. As a result of the overwhelming response to the first few episodes, the show has been renewed for a full season.

Yes! Episodes from the first season of The Youngest Son Conglomerate have finally begun airing. Fans of The Youngest Son Conglomerate are so enthralled by the show that they can’t wait to find out when the next episode, Season 1 Episode 4, will air. When will Season 4, Episode 4 be released? It’s true that the premiere date for the fourth episode of Season 1 of The Youngest Son Conglomerate is set for November 25, 2022.

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The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate Episode 3 Recap

The new hire shows some remorse, but only by repeating Hyun-orders Tae’s to him before walking away as his assailants shoot him in the head and he falls to his death. But in 1987, he woke up in a child’s body. It’s not just any kid; he’s JIN DO-JOON, Yoon-ki, and Hae-youngest in’s son, and he doesn’t belong here.

Do-Joon has trouble processing information, and this is especially true when he encounters the late President Jin Yang-Cheol or his own mother, both of whom were still alive in 1987 but passed away since. Do-Joon “arrives” immediately before Chairman Jin turns 60, and he finds himself in the middle of the vase incident that Sung-self-defeating-Joon caused. This happens when Do-Joon catches Sung-Joon stealing Chairman Jin’s stuff.

Now that he knows he has been found, Sung-Joon accidentally knocks himself into the vase. Do-Joon, however, doesn’t realise what’s going on until Chairman Jin says, “I’m disappointed in you.” Hyun-continued woo’s existence in this timeline is an intriguing anomaly. Even more so as Do-Joon reaches adulthood and begins to exhibit many of the same characteristics as Hyun-woo.

Time will tell if that’s because of something in the imaginary universe’s logic or because we wanted to get as much screen time as possible with Song Joong-ki. Do-Joon concludes that he must have been placed there on purpose. Specifically, to identify the murder’s mastermind. Since he is forced to relive so much of his past, he does his best to enjoy it while he can.

Since he remembers every detail of his previous lives, he uses his persuasion skills to aid the adults in his local neighbourhood in making life-altering choices. Chairman Jin is, of course, the target of his attention. Before recommending a business partnership, Do-Joon offers his opinion on who should be elected president.

The Youngest Son of A Conglomerate Episode 4
The Youngest Son of A Conglomerate Episode 4

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Because of this, Chief Jin is protected from being outbid by more influential individuals, and his life is spared because he is convinced to take an earlier flight. Chairman Jin may be a ruthless tyrant, but he is not a complete moron. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out that, whether through intuition, good fortune, or genuine foresight, this kid knows stuff he shouldn’t.

Do-Joon will get his law degree from Korea University, his family will be invited back to Soonyang events, and Soonyang will give Do-Joon land in Bundang, which is expected to become an important economic hub in the future, as part of the deal.

By the time Do-Joon is 20 and getting ready to enrol in law school, Chairman Jin has given him $24 million from the property, all in cash, for the shock value. Do-Joon quickly reverses course and converts everything from Korean won to dollars, raising Chairman Jin’s suspicions. The rest of his actions, however, are consistent with a typical, affluent college student. Naturally, it was intended to go down in this fashion.

However, while in law school, Do-Joon runs into Min-young, the prosecutor he knew when he was Hyun-woo. He uses the woman’s obsession with Seo Taiji to manipulate a “date” and gain entrance to Joon Sung’s elite social circle. And all the while, Do-Joon, who has earned Chairman Jin’s confidence, is taking his first major actions against him.

The Youngest Son Conglomerate Season 1 Episode 4 On Ott Platforms

Over-the-top (OTT) distribution of television shows and movies has led to the rise of online platforms as a primary means of obtaining episodes. The proliferation of convenient online options that allow binge-watchers to catch up on their favourite shows with little effort has also contributed to this upward trend in series viewing rates. Season 1, episode 4 of The Youngest Son Conglomerate is also available for streaming.

The Youngest Son of a ConglomerateSeason 1 Episode 4: How To Watch?

All episodes of The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate may be viewed on Rakuten Viki and Viu. If you want to watch The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, make sure to compare the air times listed here with the times in your country. Users can pay $4.99/month for Rakuten Viki.

The Youngest Son Conglomerate Season 1 Episode 4 Trailer

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