The Santa Clauses Disney+: When And Where Is Santa Clause Releasing?

The Santa Clauses Disney+: The Santa Clause films are among the many seasonal films shown on network TV every year. They were not as impressive as White Christmas (1954) or The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) in terms of musical set pieces or animation quality, but they were still fun and starting to get sentimental for adults who grew up with them.

It took nearly a decade and a half after the release of The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) for us to get another look at this original take on the Christmas mascot, but now we do with The Santa Clauses (2022).

Now, when we thought we’d seen the last of Scott Calvin, he’s back in his spinoff series, complete with Tim Allen’s white beard and bright red coat. Disney announced the sequel series in January of this year, and even though it hasn’t been a full year, The Santa Clauses is expected to arrive in time for the holiday season. We also got a lot more information and even a sneak peek at what the new show will have to offer, thanks to the event’s massive presence at this year’s D23 Expo. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Santa Clauses Disney+.

When And Where Is The Santa Clauses Releasing?

On November 16, 2022, the Santa Clauses will return to Disney+ for a two-episode run that will be exclusive to the streaming service and help spread Christmas pleasure.

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Who Is Making The Santa Clauses?

Tim Allen is not only set to star in the show but also serves as an executive producer. Directors Jason Winer and Jack Burditt, who worked on the Emmy-winning series Modern Family, will be in charge of the project (2009-2020). Bonnie Zane (The Larry Sanders Show), Melanie Jones (Whiplash), Hunter Brown (Twin Peaks), and Maile Cassara (set decorator) round out the crew (Black is King).

Who Is Starring In The Santa Clauses?

As has been announced multiple times, Tim Allen will reprise his role as Scott Calvin, the everyman who was given a chance to become Santa Claus. It’s not just Allen who’s coming back to the franchise. Eric Lloyd plays his son Charlie; Elizabeth Mitchell plays his wife and Mrs. Claus in the film. And David Krumholtz, who plays Elf Number 1 in the movie and the television series, The Deuce (The Wonder Years).

The actors and crew have hinted at the return of additional characters from the original trilogy, so here’s hoping to see Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop) and Martin Short (Only Murders in the Building) again.

Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Tim Allen’s daughter, will make her acting debut in the series as well as newcomers Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle), Matilda Lawler (Flora & Ulysses), Devin Bright (Monsters at Work), Rupali Redd (Bite Size Halloween), Laura San Giacomo (Barry), Austin Kane (Godless), and others. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Santa Clauses Disney+

Will The Santa Clauses Get a Second Season?

There has been no confirmation of a second season, which is understandable considering the show’s focus on Santa’s retirement and its promotion as a “limited series.” However, Disney+’s limited series have changed their status previously, most notably Loki (2021), so anything might happen. Perhaps Scott Calvin and his family will make another appearance.

The Santa Clauses Disney+
The Santa Clauses Disney+

What Is The Plot of The Santa Clauses?

Since The Santa Clause (1994), the first film in this odd franchise, Scott Calvin has traveled the world bringing Christmas presents to needy children. Scott has been playing the role of Santa for nearly thirty years.

After so long, it’s only natural for him to feel worn out. Santa is about 65 years old; therefore, he has decided to retire and hire a successor should he go off the rails like his predecessor. While the trailers and video mainly focus on the North Pole, the official description hints that Scott will head south to recruit a replacement:

Tim Allen hinted at D23 while promoting the program that one of the best parts of making The Santa Clauses into a TV series is that it offers the creators a chance to go further into the franchise’s mythos and even add to it. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Santa Clauses Disney+

The longer time passes for moviegoers, the more perplexing the children’s series becomes. Scott yelled at Santa in the first film; did Santa end up dead or vanishing? Can somebody tell me what became of Mrs. Claus, Santa’s traditional wife? Why didn’t the elves freak out when someone other than Santa Claus showed up at the North Pole wearing Santa’s coat? If Allen’s hint was any indicator, we might soon have the answers to questions that have plagued us every holiday season.

Is There A Trailer For The Santa Clauses?

Tim Allen reprises his role as Santa in the teaser trailer for The Santa Clauses, but he has no plans to stay in the position he’s played for decades. Why? Because the teaser reveals Scott Calvin’s shocking decision to retire as Santa, sending his dedicated elves at the toy factory into a state of fear. We also see Santa starting to conduct interviews with potential successors, and thus far, one of them is none other than NFL star Peyton Manning. The teaser winds down with a brief sizzle that finally shows Bernard (David Krumholtz), who has been absent for too long.

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