Get Creative With The Discord Soundboard: Make Your Voice Heard

Officially, Discord is introducing its own in-app soundboard for use in voice channels. Using the soundboard, you will be able to amuse yourself or troll a friend by playing various sounds through voice channels. The feature was previously an experiment available to a limited number of communities, but according to a Discord blog post, it will now be rolled out over “the coming weeks.”

However, there is a catch: you will only be able to use Discord’s soundboard on the desktop client. Kellyn Slone, director of product communications, informs The Verge that mobile users will hear the sounds but are unable to interact with the board. However, any official Discord soundboard is an improvement, as you previously needed third-party software such as Voicemod to use a soundboard with the application. Let’s check out Discord’s soundboard in detail.

Soundboard: How To Use It On Discord

Soundboard, like custom Emojis and Stickers, exists within Discord servers. Anyone in your community may use the sounds uploaded to the soundtrack for your server. If someone has Discord Nitro, they can use the sounds of your community in any other Discord server.

Soundboard can only be used or managed on a desktop at launch. Nevertheless, mobile users can still hear any sounds you play, keeping them in the loop when a HONKHONK occurs. To access Soundboard, enter any Voice channel on your server and look for a new button that resembles a music album next to Activities. This button will display the Soundboard panel.

Not sure where to start when considering sounds to upload? The good news is that we have preloaded your servers with a few starting sounds to get them off to a quacking start. These include a golf clap, a cricket to break the silence if the call is too quiet, and a “wah wah wah” sad horn when something goes wrong.

Using Role and Channel Permissions, Moderators can restrict Soundboard usage to server-specific sounds or disable it entirely, similar to emojis and stickers. If they do, you may imitate the “sad horn” sound when they join the call by making a wah-wah sound.

Adding And Managing Soundboard Sounds

We enjoy a good QUACK QUACK, but there are many other sounds that can be produced. Soundboard is the audio version of this type of expression. Emojis and Stickers encompass everything from the most popular memes to inside jokes that only your community would understand.

Discord Soundboard
Discord Soundboard

To upload a new Soundboard sound, you must either have the “Manage Server” permission or be the owner of the server to which you wish to upload the sound. If you have the appropriate permissions, navigate to Server Settings > Soundboard.

This menu lists the prerequisites for uploading a new sound to the server’s Soundboard.

  • File format: MP3
  • File size: 512kb
  • Maximum file length: 5 seconds

Once you’ve uploaded your sound file, you can change its name, adjust the default volume for everyone, and assign it an emoji that appears when you use it in Voice. When you name your sounds “awOOOga” or “honk honk,” for example, you can test your optimal onomatopoeia assignment.

Moderators can restrict Soundboard usage to specific channels or roles by modifying the “Use Soundboard” permission. Similarly to emojis and stickers, the “Use External Sounds” permission allows you to restrict the use of external sound packs.

*Whoosh* Utilize Server Sounds With Nitro

We’ve been saying “just like emojis and stickers” a lot in this article, and for good reason: the Nitro benefit for Soundboard is identical to the benefit for emojis and stickers.

The Verge Posted about The launch of Discord Soundboard. You can check the Tweet below.

This means Discord Nitro subscribers can use all soundtracks from their communities in any server they’re a part of, as long as their server permissions permit it. Support for cross-server soundboards is one of the many features included with your Nitro subscription.

Accessibility Options For The Soundboard Of Discord

Soundboard increases the fun and enjoyment for everyone on the call, but we understand that some people may not enjoy hearing sound effects during a conversation. In addition to community administrators setting default volumes for their audio accents, you can adjust the default volume for all Soundboard sounds.

Change this setting by navigating to User Settings > Voice & Video > Soundboard. Here you will find the “Soundboard Volume” slider; feel free to adjust it to your comfort level!

Even if your soundboard volume is set to zero, you will still see the emoji associated with a sound within the Voice channel, so you can enjoy it visually and understand why everyone started laughing suddenly.

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