Mandalorian Jack Black And Lizzo
Mandalorian Jack Black And Lizzo

Mandalorian Jack Black And Lizzo: Music Icon And Comedy Legend

Star Wars fans were shocked to see comedian Jack Black and singer-songwriter Lizzo as guests in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 6, which is now streaming on Disney Plus.

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) travel to the outer rim planet Plazir-15, which has maintained its independence from the budding New Republic, in the episode titled Chapter 22: Guns for Hire.

Din and Bo-Katan first travel there to speak with the former’s former mercenary team, who had been hired as security because the planet is unable to rely on assistance from other systems.

Returning to The Mandalorian cast as warriors Axe Woves and Soska Reeves, who had previously been devoted to Bo-Katan, are Simon Kassianides and Mercedes Varnado, also known as Sasha Banks from WWE. Yet, they aren’t the only familiar faces that viewers will recognize.

Who Does Lizzo Play In The Mandalorian?

Din and Bo-Katan are required to attend a meeting with the strange leaders shortly after they arrive on Plazir-15. The meeting is mandatory.

The planet takes great pride in the fact that it is a direct democracy. The noble Duchess (played by Lizzo) and her companion, Captain Bombardier (played by Black), describe themselves as both royals and elected leaders of the world.

Mandalorian Jack Black And Lizzo
Mandalorian Jack Black And Lizzo

The Duchess discloses that her family has been a part of Plazir-15’s nobility ever since the planet was first established, although her consort is a more recent immigrant to the planet.

Lizzo is well recognized for her successful career as a musician; at the Grammy Awards 2023, her song “About Damn Time” was awarded the Song of the Year trophy. But, she has also appeared in films such as the cartoon feature UglyDolls and the criminal thriller Hustlers.

Who Does Jack Black Play In The Mandalorian?

Significantly, Bombardier admits to being a former imperial officer who turned himself into the New Republic’s amnesty program. This program, which was previously shown to employ nefarious methods in an earlier episode following Dr. Pershing’s actions, was discovered to have accepted surrenders (Omid Abtahi). You can also check theĀ Rick And Morty Season 7.

As part of his recovery, he was exiled to Plazir-15 and tasked with assisting in the reconstruction of the planet, which had endured unimaginable hardships during the repressive rule of the Empire. Unpredictably, he found himself falling in love with the duchess who was currently in power.


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Black has had a successful cinematic career spanning multiple decades, with films that include School of Rock and Jumanji. In addition, he has seen success as a recording artist as a member of the comedic rock combo Tenacious D.

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