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Starbucks App Not Working
Starbucks App Not Working

How To Fix “Starbucks App Not Working”?

The Starbucks mobile app provides a convenient method of pre-ordering, paying for, and picking up your customized drinks at a Starbucks location. It’s easy to rack up Stars that can be redeemed for free drinks and snacks with every transaction you make.

Is the Starbucks app not working? Don’t feel isolated because you’re not. There are a lot of other folks in the same boat as you.

Why is Starbucks App Not Working?

There are several potential causes for the Starbucks app to stop functioning, including but not limited to the following:

  • Unfortunately, the Starbucks app is experiencing technical difficulties, or the Starbucks server is currently unavailable.
  • Your network access has been disabled.
  • You have switched your mobile device to the lowest data setting.
  • It’s been a while since you updated the app.
  • Since you haven’t deleted the app’s temporary files, it won’t work.
  • Your network connectivity (either Wi-Fi or mobile data) is faulty.

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How To Fix “Starbucks App Not Working”?

Fix 1: Wait for some Sometime Until The Starbucks Technical Issue Resolved

If the Starbucks app isn’t responding, it’s likely due to a server outage or other technical problem with the app, and the Starbucks team is aware of the situation and trying to fix it.

There’s nothing you can do until the problem is fixed on the Starbucks end or the Starbucks server is back online.

Fix 2: Check For a Stable Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is fast and reliable. The Starbucks app may not function properly if your mobile data-to-wifi network connection is slow.

Considering that connectivity issues account for the vast majority of disruptions.

So, you should test your connection speed. If you are utilizing WiFi, toggle your router’s settings or turn your mobile data on and off.

Alternate between using a mobile network and a wifi network or a wifi network and a mobile network.

Fix 3: Log Out And log in To Starbucks App

Fixing a problem with the Starbucks app requires logging out and back in. After doing this, the Starbucks app should function normally again.

Fix 4: Clear Starbucks App Cache

When experiencing problems with the Starbucks app, it is recommended that you first delete the app cache.

So, Clearing the Starbucks app’s cache should fix the problem. How to Delete the Starbucks App Cache

These tips for Android users: To adjust your preferences, click “Settings.” Browse to the Starbucks app and tap it >>. Select the Clear Cache option. The Starbucks app’s cache will be deleted.

In the case of Apple’s iPhone, Select Settings >> General on your iPhone. View Settings >> Browse the Starbucks app and tap it >>. Select “iPhone Storage,” then “Offload App,” and then “Reinstall Starbucks” to reinstall the app.

Fix 5: Delete And Reinstall Starbucks App

Simply uninstalling and reinstalling the Starbucks app should resolve any problems you may be experiencing with it. In some instances, deleting and reinstalling the Starbucks app will fix the problem.

First, delete the Starbucks app from your phone. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling the app and see if it works this time.

Attempt alternative solutions if the Starbucks app continues to malfunction.

Starbucks App Not Working
Starbucks App Not Working

Fix 6: Update Starbucks App to Latest Version

You can solve the problem with the Starbucks app by updating it to the most recent version.

Furthermore, the support staff at Starbucks has confirmed that updating to the most recent version of the Starbucks app would resolve all previously reported issues with the app.

Automatic app updates ensure that your app is always running the most recent, bug-free version available.

Fix 7: Sync Date & Time Settings

If the time and date on your device are not in sync with the actual time, the Starbucks app may not function properly.

Fix 8: Check The Compatibility of Your Phone With The Starbucks App

If you’re having trouble with the Starbucks app, make sure that your phone is compatible with it.

Switching to a phone that is compatible with the Starbucks app can address any problems you may be having.

Fix 9: Restart Your Phone

The problem may lie with your phone rather than the Starbucks app if the aforementioned steps don’t fix it. Stop using the Starbucks app and give your phone a fresh start.

If you restart your phone, the Starbucks app should start usually.

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