Sonic Frontiers To Get Monster Hunter Collab DLC

Sonic Frontiers To Receive A Moster Hunter Collab DLC: Now that Sonic Frontiers is out in the wild, series devotees are having a blast exploring the expansive realm.

To mark the occasion of the game’s release, Monster Hunter and the Sonic team are offering a free piece of downloadable content. The new material will be released on November 14, 2022, less than a week after the game’s initial release date, making this the first DLC announcement for the game.

Fans have been treated to a joint effort between Sega and Capcom before. These two publishers have a history of working well together, and it will be exciting for Monster Hunter fans to take on the bosses of Sonic Frontiers using their favourite hunting gear and strategies.

While the DLC is set to release the next week, many players are concerned that the new features will only be available for a limited period. It’s unclear whether the new features will be a permanent addition or a rotating event that the Sonic team occasionally introduces to the game, and no end date has been announced.

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What To Expect From The Sonic Frontiers’ Monster Hunter DLC

There will be two sets of Ratahlos armour parts available to players after the Monster Hunter downloadable content for Sonic Frontiers has been released. In addition to the outfit, a new animation will be implemented in which Sonic prepares skewered meat like the hunters in the Monster Hunter series.

Sonic Frontiers To Receive A Moster Hunter Collab DLC
Sonic Frontiers To Receive A Moster Hunter Collab DLC

Both Capcom and Sega have stated that a minigame of sorts will be included in the upcoming downloadable content. There has been no new information released by the creators. Many, however, speculate that the objective of the game is to prepare the meat on the skewers to the highest possible standard.

Players in Monster Hunter games must respond to timed button prompts in order to achieve the desired level of doneness for their steaks, with Rare and Well-done options respectively. It’s possible that, as players go through Sonic Frontiers and discover new areas, defeat new Guardians, and collect more Chaos Emeralds, they will come across a similar minigame.

It will be fascinating to learn what new features and material the game will receive in the following months. A lot of people are counting on Sega and the Sonic Team to fill the game’s open world with amazing material.

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