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Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter
Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter

Who Plays Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter?

Check out the Sniper Mask Face Reveal to learn more about the mysterious man behind the mask, sniper rifle, and unique abilities bestowed upon him by Kuon Shinzaki. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the Sniper Mask Face Reveal. Please read on for the entire “Sniper Mask Face Reveal”!

Sniper Mask Face Reveal:

High Rise Invasion’s Sniper Mask sports a white tie, black shirt, and a one-of-a-kind belt. At 200 meters, he will strike anything he aims at. Sniper Mask is an expert close quarters fighter who can dispatch axe masks with ease. He is also adept at dodging sniper fire and using ricochets to dispatch his foes. Sniper Mask’s weapon of choice is a Mosin-Nagant, a 7.62x54mm Russian bolt-action rifle. Many people are dying to see the Sniper Mask, Face Reveal. In which chapter did the unveiling of the Sniper Mask’s face occur?

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Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter

There was a big expose of Sniper Mask’s true identity in Chapter 192. “I’d Like to Advise You” is the chapter’s title. Yuka Makoto, aka Sniper Mask, is a pseudonym. When Kuon Shinzaki passed away, all authority was given to him. Sniper dresses formally for work, donning a black suit, fedora, white shirt, and black tie.

In addition to the mask and gloves, he has on leather boots, a belt, and a pair of shoes. He is a habitual smoker who occasionally lights up when being chased. Japanese speaker Yuichiro Umehara and American voice actor Jonah Scott both lend their talents to Sniper Mask. Those who have been waiting for the Sniper Mask Face Reveal can rest assured; it has indeed taken place. In High Rise Invasion, Yuka Makoto dons the Sniper Mask.

High Rise Invasion Sniper Mask Real Face

The identity of the Sniper Mask was exposed in High Rise Invasion. Sniper Mask was standard issue for Angels until the grenade incident with Yuri and Nise. He made it through the blast unscathed, but a break near his right ear rendered his mask useless. After a while, he came to and could converse and assess the situation for himself. But he could not go against the mask’s orders to force them to kill themselves if they weren’t desperate enough.

Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter
Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter

Sniper Mask Age

It is estimated that Sniper Mask is 22–25 years old. On September 13th, he entered the world. This young man is tall and his haircut is reminiscent of Rika Honjo’s. Evidently, he is older and taller than Rika. Under his left eye is a scar, and he generally resembles a “more energetic” version of his sibling. Sniper Mask is a sharp guy who takes a good, hard look at each circumstance. He genuinely cares about the well-being of his friends and family. All the information you need to know about the reveal of the sniper mask’s face is right here. You may learn everything there is to know about Sniper Mask by reading the article.

Sniper Mask Face Reveal – FAQs

1. Who Is Sniper Mask In High Rise Invasion?

Yuka Makoto is Sniper Mask in High Rise Invasion.

2. What Is The Age of The Sniper Mask?

The age of Sniper Mask is between 22-25.

3. When Was Sniper Mask’s face Was Revealed?

His face was revealed in Chapter 192.

4. Which Chapter Was Sniper Mask’s face Was Revealed In?

In chapter 192, his face was revealed.

5. What Does Sniper Mask Wear?

He wears a black suit, a fedora hat, a white shirt, and a black tie. He also wears gloves, leather shoes, a belt, and a smiling mask. He is often seen smoking but also sometimes smokes during a pursuit.

6. What Are The Abilities of The Sniper Mask?

He is skilled in short-range combat and can kill axe masks in a short battle with his rifle. He can also use ricochet to kill his targets and easily catch bullets and dodge a sniper bullet.

7. Which Gun Sniper Mask Uses?

He uses a Mosin-Nagant, a 7.62x54mm Russian bolt-action gun.

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