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Skeleton Knight in Another World
Skeleton Knight in Another World

How Strong is Skeleton Knight in Another World?

Enki Hakari and KeG wrote Skeleton Knight in Another World. It started publication on Shsetsuka ni Nar in October 2014. Overlap Novels has published ten books since June 2015 under its banner. Akira Sawano’s manga adaption has been serialised online since February 2017 and collected in 11 tank on volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment licences light novels and manga in North America. Studio Kai and Hornets aired an anime adaptation from April to June 2022.


The unnamed player awakens in his online game avatar’s body and armour. Seeing his reflection in a river, he’s surprised to see a skeleton because of his avatar skin. In unknown area, the gamer never removes his helmet and searches for occupants. When he sees a band of bandits going to rape two ladies, he kills them. Lauren, a noblewoman, and Rita, her maid, introduce themselves. Using his gaming identity, Arc, the knight promises to take the women to Luvierte. Rita provides him a copper passport to allow him faster travel through any city in the region when he refuses a reward to avoid meeting Lauren’s father, Viscount Buckle du Luvierte.

While fighting robbers in a cave near Diento, he finds a wounded cottontailed fox in a cage. He frees, heals, and befriends the creature. The fox suggests they travel together, so he calls it Ponta.

Later, Arc meets a male elf outside Diento and learns about human elven enslavement. The elf is shocked that Ponta (whom he calls a “spirit creature”) is so connected to Arc and that Arc doesn’t share most humans’ fear and prejudice against elves.

Arc then encounters two elf warriors, a male and a female, battling human slavers. When the slavers’ leader uses captured elf children as hostages, the female elf seems ready to surrender. Arc intervenes and helps the elves wipe out the slavers. After Ponta’s presence convinces the elves that Arc is a friend and the abducted elves are freed and healed by Arc’s power, Ariane Glenys Maple recruits Arc to free more captive elves in Diento.

Arc and Danka, another elf soldier scouting Diento for intelligence, enter the slave facility. Arc meets a female cat-eared/tailed ninja who tells him about humans engaging in the slave trade and captured elves in the local lord’s castle. Arc teleports the released elves away from Diento, and then he and Ariane leave for the castle while Danka accompanies them home. After freeing the two female elves and escaping, Ariane asks Arc to accompany her back to their homeland. Arc reveals his skeleton by removing his helmet. Ariane learns that Arc is not bad despite his look and pledges to protect his secret.

Elder Dillan and his wife Glenys, Ariane’s parents, welcome Arc to Latoya. At an Elders meeting, it is decided that while no direct retaliation will be attempted against the humans, secret activities to free elf slaves will continue. Dillan hires Arc to help Ariane and gives him knowledge about a magic lake in Dragon Lord country that may lift his skeleton curse. Arc, Ariane, and Ponta agree to free captive elves and halt the slave trade. Chiyome, a ninja Arc had met and a member of the Jinshin Clan of beast people, joins them on their journey to free her fellow beast people who have been oppressed by humans.

Skeleton Knight in Another World
Skeleton Knight in Another World

King Karlon of the Rhoden Kingdom sends his daughter Yuriarna to the Grand Duchy of Limbult (which trades with elves and where his older daughter Seriarna is the ruler’s wife) to arrange a meeting with the elves. Yuriarna suspects Dakares of being complicit in the slave trade and Sekt of knowing about it but using it to his advantage…and that both will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even if it means destroying anybody in their way.

As Arc, Ariane, and Chiyome’s quest progresses and they gain friends and allies, they learn that the slave trade is just the tip of the iceberg and that the Holy East Revlon Kingdom, ruled by the ruthless Emperor Domitianus, and this world’s main religion, the Holy Hilk Kingdom, may be behind all the evil they’re fighting to overcome.


Ariane Glenys Maple

The second daughter of Elder Dillan Tahg Lalatoya and Glenys Alna Lalatoya (who in the anime calls her “Aria”), she is a female elf warrior of the elf capital city of Maple (elf names use the name of their gender parent as a middle name and the name of their registered village/city as a surname, hence her surname of “Maple”; however, in Volume 6 of the light novel series Glenys tells In Volume 1 of the light novel series, her age is given as 50 (her physical appearance is much younger) and she is described as having amethyst-colored skin, golden-irised eyes, and white hair (in the light novels, these are the unmistakable signs of a “dark elf”), while in the anime she has pale human-colored skin and pink hair (her eyes remain golden-irised).

In Volume 1 of the light novel series, Arc first encounters her while she and another elf soldier are battling slavers to free captured elf children, while in the anime, he first encounters her in an alley in the town of Luvierte after her failed attempt to buy information and then again when she attacks him mistaking him for one of the elf-enslaving bandits; in both the novels and anime, after the fight in which the elf children are freed she hires him to protect her While an extremely skilled fighter, she feels inferior to her older sister Eevin (an extremely powerful and skilled warrior), and she has a deep distrust (close to hate) of humans because of the crimes committed against her people; however, through her association with Arc she may be changing her outlook (although she remains cautious and defensive).

For travel, she wears a long hooded cloak that conceals her elf identity (in the light novels, it is coloured charcoal gray; in the anime, it is purple). In Volume 1 of the light novels, she carries and wields a thin sabre, but changes weapons in Volume 2 after Arc offers her the Sword of the King of Lions, “an exceedingly rare blade that improved the user’s speed and attack capability” (which he “liberated” from the Marquis of Diento’s hidden room).

So far her major weaknesses are her physical intolerance for alcohol (two glasses of strong liquor are enough to make her drunk), (in the anime) an almost girlish fondness for Ponta (in the light novels, the feeling is there, but not so strong), (again in the anime) a tendency to forget that Arc is a skeleton (causing her to freak out and try to explode him when she sees him au naturel), and a feeling of inferiority to her older sibling.

In Volume 2 of the light novel series, when her sister Eevin teases her about having a man in her life, “For a moment, the face of a skeleton in majestic armour flashed through Ariane’s mind.” In Volume 4, she is extremely distressed when his exposure to the magic pool renders him unconscious for five days and his culinary scepticism.


Ponta is a cotton-tailed fox (“ventu vulpis”) with greenish fur and a white-furred underbelly; in the light novels it is not stated whether Ponta is male or female, but in the anime Ponta is female. In the light book series, Arc finds it in a cage; in the anime, he finds it in the wilderness. In both cases, the creature is injured, and he uses his magic to heal and befriend it. He names it “Ponta” (a variant of the Japanese word “Tanpopo”) because its tail reminds him of dandelion fluff.

Ponta’s loyalty to Arc reassures elves and beast people of Arc’s good intentions and reliability. Its preferred perches are his helmet or shoulder pauldrons, but it also rides on Ariane’s shoulder. It’s sensitive to danger and evil and can glide through the air like a Flying squirrel using its patagium or spirit magic to summon wind; Arc teaches it Wind Cutter.


Beast girl and one of the six Jinshin ninjas on a quest to free captive beast people. Though small, she’s swift, skilled in combat, and adept with Water ninjutsu. Arc deduces that she was named “Chiyome” in honour of kunoichi Mochizuki Chiyome. Chapter 2.5 of Volume 5 of the light novels reveals her real name: “Mia.”

Her backstory reveals that she is an orphan (her father was imprisoned by humans and worked to death, and her mother was slain guarding Chiyome after their escape) who joined the Jinshin Clan at her own request. Arc and Ariane help her and Goemon rescue captive beast people in Olav and demolish slave markets.

As the light book series unfolds, she first gives them intel about human nobility involved in the elf slave trade and subsequently joins them full time on their journeys and adventures, becoming Ariane’s close friend. In the light novels and anime, she freaked out when she sees Arc’s unhelmeted face, but she welcomes him as an ally and friend. Arc considers her a friend, but her austere appearance and attitude make him dubious of her feelings.


Danka Niel Maple, an elf warrior of Maple (Arc mistakes him for Ariane’s brother or spouse). His aim was to find enslaved elves in Diento. While initially distrustful of Arc, he comes to recognise his abilities and accept him (for the time being) as a comrade-in-arms (however, in Volume 6 of the light novel series, he makes it clear that despite Arc joining Lalatoya, he still suspects him). In the anime, he and Ariane speak long distance using a Whispering Fowl, a “spirit creature” that mimics human speech.


Dillan Tahg Lalatoya is the father of Ariane and Eevin. In the light novel series, he is a 20- to 30-year-old elf with long, green-tinted blond hair, whereas in the anime he is tall, green-blond-haired, and slim with a short Van Dyke beard. He employs Arc to help Ariane rescue enslaved elves and acts as an envoy to several human nations, much to his wife’s chagrin.

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