San Diego Comic Con 2022 Prices
San Diego Comic Con 2022 Prices

Comic-con International 2022’s Unofficial Guide!

Your favorite comic book characters are back! After a two-year hiatus, Comic-Con International will return in July 2022. Due to the epidemic, the convention was forced to take a two-year hiatus. This year, it will be back in full swing.

The San Diego Convention Center will be flooded with creators, artists, and fans, including Marvel and DC’s big guns. The convention will feature unique panels and parties in addition to sneak peeks at the newest releases in comics, movies, and television. Comic-Con International 2022 parking and event details may be found here.

What is Comic-Con International?  

The San Diego Comic-Con International is the world’s largest comic book convention, according to Guinness World Records. This year’s four-day event celebrates a love for comic books, anime, manga, video games, and other popular cultures. Attendees will also get the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities, pose for photos, and obtain their autographs. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the event each year for a good time.

When is Comic-Con 2022?

This year’s Comic-Con International runs from July 21 to 24. Every day brings with it a new set of activities, gatherings, and visitors.

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Where is Comic-Con International 22? 

Comic-Con International is held every year at the San Diego Fairgrounds.

What are the main attractions of Comic-Con 2022?  

The convention’s official schedule has yet to be released. You may expect some big names to show up, though, as the media corporations prepare to release some significant films. You can expect panels for “The Batman,” “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “The Flash,” and more from DC and Marvel, which have previously teased some of their upcoming films.

Celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Ezra Miller and Chris Hemsworth may attend the event, as well as actors like Dwayne Johnson and Zo Kravitz. As a result, prepare your notebooks for some famous autographs. Keep an eye out for limited-edition comics and other collectibles featuring your favourite characters.

How much do Comic-Con tickets cost?  

A Comic-Con ID is required for every attendee. Without one, you won’t be allowed entry. Comic-Con International badges are required to purchase tickets. In February, ticket sales are expected to begin. Adult tickets cost between $48 and $66. It ranges from $23 to $33 for youths ages 13-17, the elderly, and members of the military (as of SDCC 2019). Each day of the convention has a different ticket pricing. If accompanied by a paid adult, children under the age of 12 are eligible for free admission.

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Where is the San Diego Convention Center?  

The main convention facility in San Diego, CA 92101, is the San Diego Convention Center, located at 111 W Harbor Dr.

How to get to San Diego Convention Center

1.1 miles envelop the San Diego Convention Center. There is a four-minute journey between Broadway and State St to Harbor Dr via this route. To escape the traffic and congestion on event days, start early.

Is there parking near San Diego Convention Center? 

The San Diego Convention Center has several nearby parking options. Before the commencement of the festival, the onsite parking lot will be full. It is, therefore, preferable to reserve a parking space elsewhere. San Diego Comic-Con attendees can utilize the website or app to discover reasonably priced and safe parking in San Diego and near the convention center.

Parking Lots and Rates near San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center parking lots we’d recommend are given below.

Lot Name Parking Rate
910 Broadway Cir Parking $16/day
601 Pacific Hwy Parking $25/day
Campus by Horton – Port of San Diego Cruise Parking $6/day
814 Fourth Ave Parking $64/day
501 A St Parking P1080 $11.50/day

How to dress for the Comic-Con International

Visitors to Comic-Con for the first time will notice that many attendees are decked up as their favorite fictional characters. You can wear a Batman costume, a Harley Quinn costume, an Ironman costume, or just a Spiderman T-shirt. You’ll look more professional if you do something as easy as that.

San Diego Comic Con 2022 Prices

What to carry to the Comic-Con 2022?  

This year’s Comic-Con International is expected to be one of the busiest yet. You may have to wait in line for a long time to get inside each of the halls. You should know the main event of the day before you plan the rest of your schedule around it.

Due to the high demand for a certain event, you may have to miss some other activities. Attendees should bring cash and a credit card to purchase meals and other collectibles. To ensure that you don’t miss out on freebies, have a little bag with you at all times.

Comic-Con International 2022 info  

  • The event schedule is for four days, from July 21 to July 24.  
  • San Diego Convention Center will host the Comic-Con.  
  • The events list is not officially released, so keep an eye on the social media accounts of SDCC.  
  • Ticket sales will possibly begin soon, so you get a Comic-Con ID beforehand.  
  • Parking available at San Diego Convention Center will get filled, so it is better to look for offsite parking spaces. 

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