Rhoslc Season 3 Release Date
Rhoslc Season 3 Release Date

Rhoslc Season 3 Premiere Date, Cast, and Much More

Andy Cohen announced that filming for Season 3 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City had already begun before the Season 2 reunion had even aired. Cohen told Entertainment Tonight in February 2022, “The reunion left off with the women who are remaining in quite a dramatic situation, where you don’t know what’s going to happen.” So I’m happy that we’re there shooting right now, because it’s already getting started and there’s a lot going on.

The RHOSLC Season 3 Premiere Date

As is customary for Bravo, the renewal of RHOSLC was announced just one month before the new season began. The third season of RHOS: Los Angeles will begin on Bravo on Wednesday, September 28 at 9 p.m., and, if Bravo keeps up its current schedule, fresh episodes will be available on Peacock the following day.

The RHOSLC Season 3 Cast

Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow join Meredith, Heather, and Jen as regulars on RHOSLC this season. Angie Katsanevas and Danna Bui-Negrete were cast in the aforementioned full-time roles, and on April 23, the Real Housewives Franchise Instagram account announced that filming had concluded. E! revealed on August 31 that Angie and Danna, as well as Lisa’s ex-friend Angie Harrington, who made a brief appearance in Season 2, will join the show as “Friends,” leaving Heather, Meredith, Lisa, Jen, and Whitney as the only regular Housewives this season.

Utah luxury realtor Tyna Edwards and successful salon owner Angie Katsanevas were reportedly caught filming with the women in early March, as reported by Radar Online. The Queens of Bravo Instagram account shared photographs of Angie with the RHOSLC cast and said that the rumoured newcomer auditioned for the show in 2019 at Heather’s suggestion. Top Salt Lake City realtor Danna posted a selfie with her friends Whitney and Lisa at a pride event on June 4. “Dana, I adore you. Lisa exclaimed, “This is a blast!”

Rhoslc Season 3 Release Date
Rhoslc Season 3 Release Date

During an Instagram Q&A with fans after the first round of filming concluded in the spring, Whitney teased “huge dynamic alterations” in Season 3, which she described with the adjectives “surprise,” “dynamic,” and “intense.” In the meantime, some of the women’s subsequent social media posts suggested that Lisa was feuding with Heather, Jen, Meredith, and Angie Harrington, hinting to upcoming conflict in this season’s instalment.

Will Mary Return For RHOSLC Season 3?

In spite of rumours to the contrary, Mary Cosby will not be returning for Season 3 of RHOSLC. When the original cast member didn’t show up to the Season 2 reunion, rumours spread that she had quit the programme for good. Mary missed a Twitter Spaces chat in January that was recorded and uploaded by the Crazy About Bravo account because she thought it would be “one-sided,” referring to criticisms levelled against her church as a cult.

However, the situation was first clouded when Cosby contradicted media reports that she had left RHOSLC on February 4. In response to a Page Six post announcing her resignation, she tweeted, “This Story Is Not True!!” This whole thing is made up! I haven’t even talked to a soul! A Bravo insider told ET shortly after that she “knew her future with the programme when she didn’t show up to the reunion” in January. The insider clarified, “She is not filming and there are no plans to film with her.” And now Cohen has chimed in to confirm Mary’s exit as well, but Bravo has yet to comment publicly.

Mary’s racist statements about co-star Jennie Nguyen, in which she continually made references to Nguyen’s “slanted eyes” and “yellow” skin tone, drew criticism throughout Season 2, in addition to the problems she caused at church. After Jen’s arrest, Mary made comments comparing her to a “Mexican thug,” which only added fuel to the fire of calls for her dismissal.

The RHOSLC Season 3 Trailer


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