Queen Bee Manga
Queen Bee Manga

Queen Bee Manga: Storyline Update in 2022!


Haley Madison is a shy and unpopular teen who discovers she has psychokinetic powers that tend to surface whenever she gets worked up. When Haley learns that she and her family will have to relocate so that her foster mother can accept a new job, she decides to start over as one of the popular students at her new school.

On her first day in school Haley meets and befriends Trini Turner, but rapidly displays more interest in joining the clique of popular girls in the school, Dominique, Keiko, Steffi, and Anjelica, that name themselves the “Hive”. After Haley uses her abilities to stop a bully, she becomes a hero in the eyes of the Hive, but she also alienates her friend Trini.

Because Anjelica always loses when competing with Haley, she begins to view Haley as a threat to the group. Keiko tells Haley that Trini and Anjelica were previously friends until Trini got needy and envious.

Haley’s popular status is endangered when Alexa Harmon comes to school. Alexa is aware that Haley possesses psychokinetic abilities because she possesses them herself. She becomes more popular than Haley after joining the Hive.

Queen Bee Manga
Queen Bee Manga

As a result the pair began to fight one another using their skills, ending in Haley being accused of cheating on a test and being forced to collaborate on a project with the quietest lad in the class, Jasper Reines. At first, Jasper and Haley clash, but they grow to like each other.

Jasper comments on the locket Haley is wearing, and she reveals that it has sentimental value because it was passed down through the generations. Haley finally gets the facts about the Hive after conversing to Jasper. Jasper clarifies that Trini was not a clingy person, and that bullying was the cause of the termination of her friendship with Anjelica.

In a subsequent attempt to reclaim her popularity, Haley enters a talent contest, but Alexa’s continual intervention and eavesdropping almost causes her to lose. The Hive no longer respects Haley when Alexa uses his psychokinesis to make it appear as though Haley threw a platter at her.

By assisting Haley in her performance, Jasper learns that both Alexa and Haley possess special abilities. With a single point victory, Haley expresses her gratitude to Jasper. She opens the locket and reveals a picture inside of what she believes to be Haley and her sister as infants (who is implied to be Alexa). After a while, Haley and Trini are friends again, but Alexa interrupts and reveals that she’s been scouted to be a makeup model.

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