Parasyte Anime Characters
Parasyte Anime Characters

Parasyte Anime Characters: Who is the Main Character in Parasite Anime?

Main Characters

Shinichi Izumi

As a result of having a Parasite in his hand, Shinichi, a kind and inquisitive high school student are thrown into precarious situations on the regular. If he doesn’t want to be killed or used as a research specimen, he’ll need to figure out how to live in harmony with Migi, the Parasite that has taken over his hand, and combine his goal to protect humanity from the Parasites with his wish to keep his Parasite a secret.

He has to come up with a strategy to explain away his Parasite-fighting activities, and the anguish and misery they give him, to his friends and family, just like a superhero with a secret identity. Despite being initially coerced into having Migi fight for him, Shinichi eventually obtains enhanced powers as trace cells of the Parasite course through his body and fights his own battles, giving him and Migi an advantage due to their ability to both function independently and as a team.

Most of the other Parasites view Shinichi as a threat due to his humanity, despite the fact that he is growing emotionally distant as a side effect of Migi’s cells. Shinichi tries to get back to normal after his victory over Gotou and Migi’s decision to “go to sleep” for good; he begins dating Murano, who shares his appreciation for the natural order he has come to appreciate through his own experiences.


The Parasite in Shinichi’s right hand has been given the name Migi, from the Japanese word for “right” (migi). Migi, unlike “successful” Parasites, does not need to kill humans for food because he gets his nutrition from what Shinichi eats; yet, he is constantly exhausted and often sleeps for four hours at a stretch, leaving Shinichi defenseless during that time. Similar to other Parasites, Migi has no feelings at all. His priority is staying alive, and he has threatened (and even attempted) to kill other humans who could compromise the safety of his and Shinichi’s secret.

During their initial negotiations, he threatened to amputate all of Shinichi’s limbs so that he couldn’t risk their safety. However, Migi can be persuaded and has as much cause as Shinichi has to be wary of other Parasites. But Migi, in contrast to Shinichi, has no desire to put himself in harm’s way to save humanity from Parasites.

Yet as the story progresses, Migi matures and gains more human characteristics, including the ability to momentarily dissociate from Shinichi’s body. After the last confrontation with Gotou, Migi’s composition is severely altered to the point that he enters deep sleep, albeit he momentarily wakes up to save Satomi without Shinichi’s realization. Migi was consumed by the Parasite before his demise.

Satomi Murano

Best buddy and potential romantic interest of Shinichi. This young lady has a soft spot in her heart for her pals, and she shows it by being considerate and thoughtful. When the Parasites cause havoc in Shinichi’s life, the strain on Satomi and Shinichi’s love is so great that it threatens to break them apart. Shinichi never revealed his parasite status to her, and she was never the wiser. But by the second half, they’re together, at least until a new girl named Kana enters the picture.

Satomi is shown as being hopelessly romantically attracted to Shinichi from the very first time they meet. Therefore, she is completely devastated as the story progresses and she sees him becoming increasingly distant and unfeeling. Because Shinichi is so determined to keep Satomi in the dark about Migi and the Parasite threat, their relationship grows distant despite Satomi’s best efforts to learn the truth about his actions.

Consequently, she starts to wonder if there is anything left of the sweet, kind boy she fell in love with. Satomi’s faith in Shinichi is restored after she sees him sob openly while holding Reiko’s abandoned baby in his arms. Satomi, after finding that Shinichi is a Parasite, declares emphatically that this in no way lessens Shinichi’s humanity because he still values all life.

Kana Kimishima

Disobedient Kana is friends with Mitsuo at first, but she soon develops feelings for Shinichi. She finds him intriguing because of his sensitivity and the fact that he seems “other.” The truth is that Kana possesses the supernatural ability to perceive parasites. She can perceive some things, but not as well as a Parasite. Mistaking this intuition for a psychic link to Shinichi, Kana comes to believe that she has been guided to her true love by fate. She is told about the Parasite, but she refuses to believe the truth until, to her ability, she meets a parasite face to face and is killed in the instant before Shinichi arrives to save her. When she dies, Shinichi completely breaks down and remains that way for a while.

Yuko Tachikawa

She is Satomi’s best friend number one. Brother of hers is a police department illustrator who specializes in criminal profiling. It all started when she saw her brother’s designs of Parasites and developed a crush on Hideo Shimada, which put her in the middle of a potentially disastrous situation.

Akiho Suzuki

One of Satomi’s best friends; she secretly likes Shinichi.


A cannibalistic serial killer who can tell the difference between humans and Parasites, who considers himself the epitome of humanity and can identify a murderer. The military recruits him to aid in their campaign to eradicate the Parasites from East Fukuyama City, but he manages to get away after his squad is decimated by Gotou. At the series’ conclusion, he reappears, this time holding Satomi as hostage so he may question Shinichi directly about whether or not the latter shares his worldview.

Kazuyuki Izumi

Shinichi’s dad is named Kazuyuki. He began to wonder if Shinichi was infected soon after his wife was slain by a Parasite (although he never said so outright).

Nobuko Izumi

Shinichi’s mother, Nobuko, shares her worries about her son’s odd behaviour. Sadly, her male replacement body soon began to reject her, and a parasite looking for a new host severed her head. Because Shinichi was fooled by the Parasite’s guise as Nobuko, the two nearly died in the first confrontation. Soon after, however, with the assistance of Uda, Shinichi exacts his mother’s death on the Parasite.

Kazuki Nagai

At the same high school as Shinichi. Because of his crush on Murano, he became envious of Shinichi and attacked him outside the gym. His attitude shifted after Shinichi stepped in to prevent him from being jumped by Mitsuo’s group. The speed with which Nagai reacts to events is demonstrated by the time he yelled in Shimada’s face for confronting Shinichi. When Nagai attacks Shinichi after gym class, another character named Kotani was supposed to be engaged. Kotani was cut from the Parasyte -the maxim- anime, therefore the scene was moved to Nagai.


Possibly Kana’s ex-boyfriend and a fellow student at the same high school, he is envious of Kana’s affection for Shinichi.

Makiko Hayase

Shinichi’s father is hospitalized in the same tiny town as Makiko and her family. Makiko is a young schoolgirl who lives with her parents, grandfather, and younger brother. While visiting his father, Shinichi spends a few days in the town where her family operates a hotel. Throughout Shinichi’s stay, she develops feelings for him, as seen in the series.

Mamoru Uda

Like Shinichi, Uda is a human whose brain was not the only portion of his body to be combined with a Parasite. Uda’s Parasite mostly affected his lower jaw and face. Uda’s parasite was originally unidentified but was given the name Joe. It’s harsh and crude, and it seems to have a sense of humor; it takes over Uda’s mouth and twists it into unusual shapes, making him utter things he wouldn’t normally say.

Parasyte Anime Characters
Parasyte Anime Characters

The trio befriends Shinichi and Migi, but they still try to stay away from the parasites whenever possible. Uda’s Parasite is in his jaw, making it difficult for him to breathe during battles with other Parasites. His Parasite, however, is situated so that it can extend downward into his chest, shielding his heart from harm (a primary target for hostile Parasites). Uda is depicted as a calm and collected individual, although he shows signs of anxiety and emotional instability under stress. Now he’s an employee at a hotel.

Shiro Kuramori

Migi unwittingly captures a private investigator hired by Reiko to spy on Shinichi. When Shiro’s helper Abe vanishes without a trace, he enlists Shinichi’s help in his search; in the process, the camera captures a battle between Shinichi and a parasitic creature known as a Parasite. Later, after his family is slain by Parasites, he kidnaps Reiko’s young son in a fit of grief, setting up a pivotal showdown in the park.

Takeshi Hirokawa

The series’ principal antagonist and mastermind of a Parasite plot to overthrow humanity. To carry out his goal to exterminate the human race for the good of the Earth, he uses his influence and power to bring the Parasites together and organize the previously disorganized “Mincemeat Murders.” Nothing is known about his personality or history except for his claimed concern for the environment and abiding aversion to human beings.

Hirokawa is elected mayor of East Fukuyama City, which is located quite close to Shinichi’s hometown, around the halfway point of the series. As a result, he utilizes his position of power to establish havens where the Parasites can freely hunt and consume humans. Hirokawa decides to eliminate Shinichi and Migi when they interfere with the running of one of these facilities. Eventually, as the police uncover his organization’s goals, he and the majority of the Parasites in it are eliminated.


This seasoned investigator was the one who initially blamed Shinichi for Kana’s death.


Gotou eventually beheads a police officer from the Parasyte Extermination Squad.


After Shinichi’s battle with Gotou in the jungle, she granted him sanctuary. He stayed for a time but eventually left to have his last showdown with Gotou.

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