Nippon TV Seals Major Anime License
Nippon TV Seals Major Anime License

Nippon Tv Seals Major Anime License Deal With Netflix!

Nippon TV, a major Japanese media conglomerate, has permitted Netflix to stream 13 of its most successful anime titles internationally.

Popular series like “Hunter x Hunter” (the first 38 episodes will be available in 104 countries including Spain, Italy, Finland, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE), “Ouran High School Host Club” (available in 190 countries), and “Claymore” (available in 136 countries) will be among the first titles to be streamed on September 2, 2022.

Some others are “Death Note” (37 episodes x 30 minutes), “Death Note: Relight 1” (130 minutes), and “Death Note: Relight 2” (120 minutes) in 14 countries, all of which will be made available on Netflix in the sequence in which they were originally scheduled to be added. “From Me to You” (25 episodes x 30 minutes), “From Me to You 2: Season 2” (13 episodes x 30 minutes), “Berserk” (25 episodes x 30 minutes), “Parasyte-the Maxim” (24 episodes x 30 minutes), “Nana” (47 episodes x 30 minutes), “Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!” (76 episodes (74 eps. x 30 mins).

Nippon TV Seals Major Anime License
Nippon TV Seals Major Anime License

Nippon Television Network has been creating popular anime like “Hunter x Hunter,” “Death Note,” and many more for a considerable amount of time. This amazing collaboration with Netflix could not have come at a better time, as the global popularity of anime continues to rise. Inoue Akane, head of anime sales and licencing for Nippon TV’s worldwide business development, is confident that these titles will generate buzz among anime enthusiasts throughout the world.

Nippon Television has licenced its most popular drama series “Old Enough,” along with another 30 of its most popular live-action dramas and entertainment programmes, to Netflix for worldwide streaming (in Asian countries).

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