Limited Edition Trump Digital Trading Cards Released, Featuring Cartoony Images Of Former President

Former President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he would be releasing a second round of superhero-style digital trading cards with cartoonish images of himself for $99 each. The move comes as the 2024 Republican candidate looks to continue raising money and rallying his base following his historic indictment earlier this month.  Let’s check some facts about Trump Digital Trading Cards.

Some Key Facts About Trump Digital Trading Cards

Trump’s “Series 2” digital playing cards are now available. Trump announced on his social media platform Truth Social on Tuesday that he is releasing them “due to the great success” of the previous round in December, though even his allies mocked that release. Images of the former president as a playing-card king-of-hearts, carrying a sword and making a heart sign with his hands, a rock-and-roll Trump in a full-leather suit and sunglasses, and one of him grilling hot dogs and hamburgers with American flag pins, are among the NFTs.

Whalechart Dropped some numbers about Trump Digital Trading Cards. You can see the Tweet below

Some of those cards will be one-of-a-kind, which means the purchaser will be the only person with a copy, while others will be produced in limited edition sets, with no more than 10 copies of any single card in existence. Trump also announced a sweepstakes program, offering a chance to win a private dinner at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate for people who purchase 47 cards (worth $4,653 in total)—an apparent reference to his hopes of becoming the 47th President of the United States.

Trump Digital Trading Cards: What You Need To Know

The former president released the first batch of limited-edition NFTs on December 15, nearly a month after announcing his 2024 presidential campaign and one day after teasing a “major announcement” on his Truth Social account. Even GOP allies like Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn, who said he would fire “immediately” whoever advised Trump to release the NFTs, mocked the release. 44,000 NFTs with superhero and movie star images were sold at $99 each in the first batch of digital cards.

Trump Digital Trading Cards
Trump Digital Trading Cards

They sold out in less than a day and generated nearly $4.4 million in revenue. Still, the former president’s financial disclosure forms show he made between $100,000 and $1 million from the digital cards through a licensing agreement with CIC Digital LLC. According to the financial disclosure, Trump made over $5 million from speaking engagements through a similarly named company, CIC Ventures LLC (CIC stands for commander in chief, the New York Times reported).

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Trump Digital Trading Cards In Big Numbers

47,000. This week, the second batch of digital cards, of which 46,000 are for sale on, came out to that number. If a customer pays with a credit card, they can only buy up to 47 digital cards at a time. People can buy up to 100 of these cards with cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: Former President Donald Trump sold $99 cartoonish digital trading cards. Rare cards. Trump hopes to raise money and rally his base after his indictment. The first digital cards sold out in a day in December 2021, earning nearly $4.4 million. Despite GOP allies mocking the release of these NFTs, Trump made $100,000–$1 million from the licensing agreement with CIC Digital LLC. has 46,000 of the 47,000 second-batch digital cards. Credit cards buy 47 digital cards and 100 cryptocurrencies.

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